Orange Lion Sports Wuxi’s first smart sports venue officially put into operation

On the afternoon of October 28, Orange Lion Sports (formerly Ali Sports)’s first smart sports venue in Wuxi – Le Power丨Vile Sports Sports Center was officially unveiled at the Wuxi Xuelang Town Data Innovation Center. This is the crystallization of the new model of “integrated intelligent operation” jointly explored by Wuxi Xinze Culture Business Travel Investment Development Co., Ltd. One of the results of the new sample.

The scene of the event (Photo provided by the correspondent of the Central Radio Network)

Le Power丨Vile Sport Sports Center consists of the indoor gymnasium on the 3rd floor of Xuelang Town Data Innovation Center and outdoor venues distributed in the surrounding Jingui Park and Shangxianhe Wetland Park. The total area of ​​the sports center is nearly 10,000 square meters, of which the indoor stadium is nearly 3,000 square meters, including three badminton courts, a basketball court and a 24-hour fitness center; 7-a-side football field and a basketball court. After the official opening on October 28, all sports venues of Le Power丨Weile Sport Sports Center were opened simultaneously, effectively radiating nearly 300,000 people around. Cao Yanjie, Vice President of Wuxi Taihu New Town Group, said that after the official launch of Le Power丨Vile Sport Sports Center, the two parties plan to integrate various resources and introduce more sports events, and continue to take new steps and highlights in the integrated development of the national fitness service and sports industry. , set a benchmark, and make every effort to create a new business card for the sports economy, and help the development of the economic development zone’s sports undertakings to develop at a higher quality.

The sports center is operated as a whole by Orange Lion Sports (formerly Ali Sports). Since its establishment seven years ago, Orange Lion Sports relies on Ali’s diversified ecosystem and intelligent service team to scientifically deploy the field of sports venues. Currently, it has operated more than 30 venues nationwide. Huang Chunxiang, vice president of Orange Lion Sports, introduced that for the first smart sports venue in Wuxi, they adhered to the consistent service concept and technical advantages for digital operation. The reporter learned that Le Power丨Weile Sport Sports Center will present a cutting-edge digital and intelligent appearance, and strive to become one of the sports comprehensive projects with the highest degree of digital and intelligent operation in Wuxi.

In recent years, Wuxi has made every effort to accelerate the construction of national sports and fitness facilities and the development of national fitness activities, promote the opening of qualified sports facilities to the society, build a “15-minute sports circle” at full speed, and accelerate the construction of a more sports-friendly city in practice. A high-level national fitness public service system can better meet the multi-level fitness needs of the people, and make the concept of sports and health more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The newly unveiled LeDynamic丨WeileSport Sports Center is not only expected to become the most important new landmark of health and wisdom in the Economic Development Zone and even Wuxi City, but also positively shows the dynamic and healthy urban temperament of Wuxi.

Orange Lion Sports has become the leading smart venue operator in China in terms of the digital operation and management of national fitness venues. It is also unique in the digitalization of event operations and the digitalization of online fitness behaviors. The integrated digital service concept embraces physical sports venues and allows Le Power丨Weile Sport Sports Center is full of expectations. (Mo Huangxian)