OPPO Find X6 series screen parameters exposed, the standard version is different from the Pro version

  According to reports, the OPPO Find X6 standard version has a 1.5K screen with a resolution of 2772×1240, and the Pro version has a 2K screen with a resolution of 3168×1440. Compared with the previous generation, the OPPO Find X6 standard version screen has been upgraded, with higher pixel density, and theoretically the display effect will be more delicate. In terms of resolution, the OPPO Find X6 standard version should use a domestic screen, while the OPPO Find X6 Pro uses a Samsung screen.

(The picture comes from the Internet)

  In addition, according to previous revelations, the main camera of OPPO Find X6 Pro will use Sony IMX989. Compared with the Sony IMX766 used by the previous generation OPPO Find X5 Pro, the Find X6 Pro has jumped directly from 1/1.56 inches to a 1-inch super outsole, and it is expected that the image will be greatly improved.

  It can also be seen in the exposed OPPO Find X6 rendering that the OPPO Find X6 series will also be equipped with the self-developed chip Mariana MariSilicon X equipped with the previous generation to provide more powerful algorithms for images.

  Editor’s comment: Compared with the previous work, the hardware standard of OPPO Find X6 has a more obvious upgrade, especially the image part. With the cooperation of powerful software and hardware, it is expected to become one of the image ceilings of the Android camp. Let us wait and see the specific performance.