openinstall joins hands with JETOUR to boost the new development of “Travel+” 2.0

Recently, openinstall has reached a cooperation with Jietu Automobile, a subsidiary of the well-known diversified group Chery Holdings. With more than six years of technical iterative accumulation in the field of app channel source tracking, openinstall will provide industry-leading technical services for Jietu Auto App in terms of user installation traceability, delivery effect evaluation, and user experience optimization, helping Jietu Auto realize multiple scenarios. Full-link attribution analysis, and continue to build a high-quality intelligent service system.

It took only 4 years for Jietu to go from a product series under Chery to an independently operated car brand. After more than 4 years of development, Jietu Motor has created “Jietu Speed”, which not only lays out a 4+3+N full-scenario travel product matrix, but also builds the “travel+” ecosystem into a unique experience benchmark in the automotive industry. It has gained the trust of 580,000 users and the attention of 18 million fans.

Behind the speed of Jietu is the remarkable effect of “user thinking” and innovative business philosophy. As a professional SUV brand, Jietu has entered the era of “Travel+” 2.0, and is carrying out long-term digital marketing such as official live broadcasts, new media, etc. Five major user experience IPs such as the Beer and Lobster Festival enhance user stickiness. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the increasingly complex multi-channel attribution problem and drive the whole process experience upgrade through data analysis.

After the Jietu Auto App obtains the channel source tracking ability through openinstall, download behaviors from hundreds of offline 4S stores, Jietu stations, live marketing, new media, official websites and other complex and diverse channel scenarios, as well as users through the App community and website The external interactive sharing and invitation fission effects will be incorporated into the digital management system in the form of full-link data, helping Jietu Auto analyze the value of various types of channels, and realizing the user experience from viewing, selecting, and using cars to interacting and sharing. Experience upgrade of the whole life cycle, the whole value chain and the whole process.


JETOUR is a new product series launched by Chery Holding Group in 2018, and will officially become an independent sub-brand in 2021. Based on Chery’s 20-year accumulation of car-making technologies, as well as its deep insights into the normalization of leisure travel, the Internet ecology, and the new generation of consumers under the second-child policy, Jietu Motors has been constantly innovating and developing new products and services through continuous product and service iteration. “In the 2.0 development stage, Jitu Motors has been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and it has accumulated 580,000 users and 18 million fans around the world in just 4 years.

About openinstall

openinstall is a professional one-stop App omni-channel statistics service, focusing on providing general technical and functional services such as App parameter installation, omni-channel advertising effect statistics, one-click pull-up, etc., aiming to improve App channel effect evaluation and accurate customer acquisition capabilities and user experience optimization. In the six years since its establishment, openinstall has served nearly 6 billion app installation statistics, and has obtained approvals from companies including China Mobile Hong Kong, Lili Auto, Tianyancha, CSDN, Shenzhen Press Group, Tuhu Auto, 36Kr, Red Star Macalline, and Shangri-La Hotel. Many well-known corporate customers within.