Open world mobile games are hot, who can become the next Mihayou

Since Genshin Impact exploded across the internet in 20 years, many game makers have scrambled to imitate Genshin Impact, making open world + two-dimensional mobile games, vowing to make the second Miha Tour. Today, the club will take a look at several games of the same category that have been launched in recent years or are still in the closed beta stage, and see who really has the potential to shake Genshin Impact.

01. Project: Reborn

A few days ago, an open-world action-adventure game “Project: Reborn” developed by Nash Games announced the official opening of reservations. At the same time, the game also released a PV and a real machine demonstration screen on the official website.

Although the length of the video is only less than two minutes, the picture quality and light and shadow are remarkable, the characters running, climbing, flying and fighting are delicate and smooth, coupled with the official self-proclaimed open world + two-dimensional label, it still makes the game a The focus of the majority of players.

On taptap’s reservation list, “Project: Reborn” also jumped to the top and became the sweet pastry of the month.

However, although the first impression given to the player is highly similar to that of Genshin Impact, it has gained a lot of expectations, but considering that the manufacturer Nash Games currently has two or three games that are still in the research and development stage, “Project: Reborn” may be next year. There may not be an internal beta version available.

02. Phantom Tower

Magic Tower is a mmorpg mobile game jointly launched by Perfect World and Tencent. It is also the first game on the market that can truly compete with Genshin Impact. The public beta will be officially launched at the end of 2021.

Compared with the two-dimensional and Japanese comic styles of Genshin Impact, Magic Tower focuses on sci-fi and wasteland styles. Whether it is character dress or scene design, it makes people feel full of technology at first glance.

The gameplay experience of Phantom Tower is similar to that of Yuanshen, but its core gameplay is completely different from that of Yuanshen. MMORPGs, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, are based on role-playing in which players interact with the characters played by other players in a common, continuous virtual world.

Taking classic PC games as an example, the Phantom Tower is similar to “Tianya Mingyue Knife”, “Reverse Water Cold” and so on. Under this game logic, team dungeons and competitive PK between players are all an integral part of the game Phantom Tower.

However, even though the game positioning of Magic Tower is slightly misaligned with that of Genshin Impact, it seems that the reputation it has obtained is mediocre. Taking the running water of the IOS national server in September this year as an example, when the 3.1 version of Yuanshen was launched at the end of September, the running water had passed the 4 million mark, while the magic tower was still struggling at around 30,000.

It is undeniable that after the Magic Tower 2.0 mirror version was launched this year, the reputation of the work has gradually improved, and many players have also called out “Apologize to the Magic Tower”. But unfortunately, the game flow did not rise but fell in April and May this year, and its influence did not make a qualitative leap.

Overall, Huanta still has a long way to go in order to catch up with the original God.

03. Ming Tide

Before talking about “Ming Tide”, we must first talk about his manufacturer – Clow Games. Clow Games seems to have taken Mihayou as an example from the beginning of its establishment. In 2019, “Zhan Shuang Pamish” is a work that benchmarks “Honkai III”, both in terms of action gameplay and game logic. The three ACT+ level systems are highly similar.

At the beginning of the launch of Zhanshuang in 2019, it also experienced a lot of turmoil. First of all, 10,000 black cards were sent to players by mistake, and the server was shut down in an emergency, and these black cards were withdrawn overnight, which was criticized by netizens as being too cunning;

Then it was questioned that the probability of drawing cards in the game was fraudulent. At that time, some players claimed to have applied for a refund and reported it to the Consumers Association.

But even if the operation exploded, Zhan Shuang stubbornly survived. Since the launch of the server, the game’s monthly turnover has also been a frequent visitor in the top 20 mobile games of the two-dimensional category, which is already very rare for a small factory with only one game under its name. This also confirms that Cullo is at least guaranteed in the quality of game production.

Speaking of “Ming Tide”, the game opened its first test in July this year, and it has also experienced a lot of plagiarism. Not only was it pointed out that it borrowed from Final Fantasy 14 and other content, it even revealed that some texts even copied Genshin Impact The description makes the Sheshe really dumbfounded.

However, as far as the current internal testing experience is concerned, the game has a good interactive experience in the big world, and the movements such as climbing and parkour are relatively smooth; in terms of combat gameplay, dodge, knives, QTE, etc. also make it not worthy of “action games”. position;

The art style of the characters is highly similar to Zhanshuang, which is different from Mihayou’s strong two-dimensional Japanese style.

In general, there are still many problems with “Ming Tide”, some details and scenes still need to be polished, and the mobile phone operation also has a poor experience, but the content of the first test is still commendable, and it is worth looking forward to the performance of the first-hand public test. .

04. Tomorrow’s Ark: The End

This year, the Eagle Horn game, which made a lot of money on “Ark of Tomorrow”, announced that two games have entered the research and development stage, one is a stand-alone buy-out game “From Stardust”, and the other is Ark IP The sequel to “Tomorrow’s Ark: The End”.

Strictly speaking, the location of “The End” is still confusing. The official claim is that it is a 3D real-time strategy RPG, which seems to prove that the end is not the open world gameplay that was rumored before.

At present, the game only broadcasts a PV and a demo record on station B. The wasteland style can be seen from the desert with yellow sand and abandoned and dilapidated buildings. Combined with the consistent postmodern world view of Ark IP, the future of the end The style and plot trend are also likely to be familiar to Eagle Horn in Tomorrow’s Ark.

The real machine demo video shows the cool UI interface of the game and the pictures of characters running on the map.

It can be judged that collecting operators is still the main gameplay of the end, but it is still unknown whether to imitate Genshin Impact and adopt a seamless large map, or to set up a separate level map for each level.

And since the actual measurement has not yet been carried out, the Eagle Horn can completely make a decision in the future development. As for the fighting style and detailed gameplay, it is even more impossible to talk about.

Although the game Ark of Tomorrow has gained a good reputation since its release, the production capacity of Eagle Horn has always been criticized by players. When the end land will come out, it is completely unknown.

05. Summary

In addition to the above games, there are many games with open world + two-dimensional as the selling point, such as Noah’s Heart, Delusional Mountain and Sea, etc., but most of them are beautiful and picturesque made by PV, but the real machine is like online dating. Encountering the death of the light is as appalling, and the word of mouth and running water are even more bleak.

Although not every game publicly claims to challenge “Yuanshin”, it is not difficult to see from the specific game content and the obvious art style that they want to catch up with “Yuanshin” and become the next Mihayou”. Ambition. But in fact, even if another “Yuanshen” is really re-engraved, it may not be the next Mihayou.

Before Mihayou launched Genshin Impact, the domestic and foreign two-dimensional + open world category was a vast blue ocean, and almost no one dared to set foot in this field that required a lot of initial capital investment.

Looking at the data released by the industry authority Sensor Tower, there is almost no repetition in the game type among the top mobile game revenue in 2021.

The king mainly promotes MOBA competition, PUBG attracts players who like gunfights and survival, and pokemon go is an AR-oriented casual game. The reason why Yuanshen can suddenly emerge is precisely because Mihayou first seized the second dimension that no one cared about. + Open world category.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the two-dimensional + open world category is dominated by the original gods, even if the “Ming Tide” is favored by the majority of netizens, and even if the content quality is excellent after the public beta, it is difficult to achieve corner overtaking.

Therefore, how can the next Mihayou and the next Genshin Impact appear? Perhaps practitioners really need to attract players’ attention through more content innovation.