Open the door to welcome guests and welcome home “National Bubble Superman” club resident gameplay

Open the door to welcome guests and welcome home “National Bubble Superman” club resident gameplay

On October 14th, the new 4.0 chapter “Stranger Things, Fantasyland” of “National Bubble Superman” officially opened! In addition to the new Halloween boss battle gameplay that everyone is talking about, this update also brings a new scene “Club Resident” , From the Reuters map, this resident is stationed on an island, with sandy beaches, waves, and single-family villas, quite Maldivian style.

So what new gameplay has this club station brought, let’s take a look!

It is said that there is an uninhabited island on the planet Harlem, which was originally overgrown with weeds and jagged rocks. In order to increase the per capita GDP, the Harlem headquarters plans to develop the island in depth by stages. In the near future, the islanders can reclaim land, collect resources, dress up their huts, and fish and breed.

The first phase of the island officially opened its doors in the 4.0 season, with the gorgeous fountain landscape as the center, surrounded by several seaside cottages, which will also be claimed by club members one by one. The first phase of high-quality housing is limited, first come first served.

Entering the club station is also very simple. First, you need to join your favorite club or create a club, and then you can see the station entrance icon in the lower left corner of the club interface.

After entering the station, you will appear around the fountain in the center of the island. Treasures with a weak sense of orientation can click the [Map] button on the right to check the location and avoid getting lost.

The first phase of the cottages are all delivered by Qingshui houses. You can choose the “city view room” near the center of the island, or you can choose to stay in the “sea view room” with the sea breeze, or the “mountain view room” near Qingshan Waterfall, on the map Quickly confirm the availability and check in.

There are treasures who will ask: Can I change the room if I select the wrong room? Of course, I can directly choose another open space to change the room! In the future, we will also realize the functional experience of friend exchange space.

After confirming the occupancy, the hut will display the exclusive house number with the name, and also announce that this will be your “private domain”, and the yard of the hut is also a part of your home.

When you want to visit your friend’s house, you can directly select your friend on the map and go to your friend’s home. Interact with friends and promote intimacy!

Next, let’s enjoy the decoration “masterpieces” of the islanders together!

The bathtub is placed in your own courtyard to achieve an open-air bath, and the privacy may be almost a little bit.

Come to the yard of Lingzi’s house for a drink, the evening breeze blows the tulips, the world is worth it.

How to practice “scientific pension”? The pool table placed in the yard can tell you the answer.

The above is a brief introduction to the first phase of our club station project. There are more interactive and interesting games waiting for you to explore by yourself. Take advantage of the good autumn time, come and enter the game and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant time!