Open an e-sports hotel, how to choose the network cable? Need to open a dedicated network line?

In recent years, the development of the e-sports industry has been in full swing, subverting the previous public view of “playing games”.

As early as 2003, the State Sports General Administration officially approved e-sports as the 78th sports event in China; in 2017, the International Olympic Committee officially recognized e-sports as a sport; last year, EDG represented China to win the League of Legends global championship. When winning the championship, the whole network carnival. In the same year, e-sports was officially listed as a competition item in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

This is undoubtedly something worth cheering for e-sports industry practitioners and e-sports enthusiasts. The development of the e-sports industry has also brought about changes in the industry, especially in e-sports hotels.

E-sports hotel is a new type of hotel based on e-sports games. Different from traditional hotels, customers in e-sports hotels can not only have the comfort and convenience of staying in a hotel, but also enjoy a high-quality e-sports experience comparable to Internet cafes, so they are deeply loved by e-sports people.

Since it is an e-sports hotel, in addition to the functions and services that are consistent with traditional hotels, the hotel also has the style of the hotel and the configuration of e-sports-related facilities, such as high-profile computers, comfortable gaming tables and chairs, Cool lighting effects, speakers and more that match the gaming theme.

In a well-received e-sports hotel, in addition to good environment and service, experience is very important, and one of the reasons why people choose to stay in an e-sports hotel is because of the good game experience. For the game experience to reach the level of customer satisfaction, in addition to the equipment and facilities mentioned above, the most important thing is the speed of the network.

If the internet speed is good, there will be no lag or disconnection during the game, and the game will be more smooth and refreshing. There are many e-sports hotels with bad reviews on the platform. The most complaints from customers are the poor network and poor experience, which is inseparable from the network cable.

How to choose the network cable of the e-sports hotel? Use regular bandwidth or private network? Below is the answer for you!

First of all, e-sports hotels are very similar to Internet cafes, because they are all online games that need to support multiple people online at the same time, so the network specifications of e-sports hotels are also as high as possible.

At present, the highest specification eight types of network cables on the market, such as the eight types of double-shielded network cables of the Green Alliance gaming level, can support a rate of 40Gbps and a frequency bandwidth of 2000MHz, which is very suitable for hotel gaming rooms.

If you need longer-distance network transmission, for example, you need to pre-embed wires in advance when decorating an e-sports hotel. Lvlian also has eight types of double-shielded engineering-grade network cables, 0.62mm thick pure copper core material, very conductive, FOPE insulation The double-shielded design of the packaging material plus the shielding aluminum foil layer and the encrypted shielding net can resist electromagnetic interference and allow the network signal to be transmitted efficiently and stably. The length is 50-200 meters, which is sufficient for use.

After the network cable is selected, the network service must be determined. Under normal circumstances, Internet cafes and e-sports hotels use dedicated networks.

A dedicated network is a dedicated link that operators provide for enterprise users with various rates. It is directly connected to the backbone network and can provide convenient and fast high-speed Internet access services with high security and guarantee. For example, an e-sports hotel can pull a separate network cable, so that customers can be more reliable and stable during data transmission.

For a network with ordinary bandwidth, there will be many users “grabbing” together. For example, in a community, the service provider pulls the network into the computer room of the community, and then distributes the network to each household in the community from the computer room of the community, then all users share the same If a network line encounters a peak period of network usage, the bandwidth is easily affected by the number of users.

The above are the reasons why young people like e-sports hotels. If you want to open an e-sports hotel, it is recommended to choose high-standard network cables and dedicated network services.

It is not easy to open an e-sports hotel, and the content involved is very large. Mungdou will tell you one by one in the follow-up.