“Onmyoji” Halloween candy fight event is about to start!

The sweet aroma wafts in the night, the pumpkin lanterns light up quietly, and the little monsters are dispatched one after another.

【Sweet Candy Fight Event is about to start】

– Activity time –

October 26th After Maintenance – November 1st 23:59

– Event Entrance –

Onmyoji can click on the Ksitigarbha statue in the courtyard or the small paper figurine icon on the right to enter the event.

– Activities –

During the event, 3 pieces of “Trick-or-treating information” will be issued every day, and a maximum of 6 pieces can be stored. Onmyoji can also use Gouyu to purchase 3 additional “Trick-or-treating information”. Consume “Trick-or-treating information” to get clues about the trick-or-treating monster and go to explore. Find and challenge trick-or-treating monsters on the map.

During the battle, allies randomly acquire the special skill “Give Candy” every round, and cast it on all enemies to transform the target of wishing for the corresponding color candy into a small pumpkin paper figurine, which lasts for 2 rounds. All enemies win when they are in a deformed state, and any deformed effects count towards the win condition. The monsters under the blessing of the festival magic power are powerful, and confident onmyoji can choose to defeat them directly.

The discovered mischievous monster will exist for 1 hour. Onmyoji needs to complete the challenge within a limited time or the monster will escape~

– Activity Award –

Each successful challenge can get battle rewards, and the cumulative number of challenges reaches 3/6/10/15 times to get corresponding rewards including the skin “Little Paperman Pumpkin”.

The first 40 challenges of My Way Yuxing can also get Yushen EXP, please pre-install Yushen, otherwise you will not be able to get Yushen EXP rewards.

The little monsters who disappeared have been hidden, quietly waiting for the Onmyoji to challenge.

[About “Onmyoji” mobile game]

Netease’s self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and development, social PK based on LBS technology, the new plot is ups and downs, and hundreds of shikigami need to be awakened… .. “Onmyoji” is waiting for you to start a mysterious fantasy journey!