Onmyoji Baiwen Card: The latest divination stream is freshly released, and the powerful shuffling operation will draw salary from the bottom of the pot and play must-kill

hello! Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to meet you again! “Fortune-telling” was once in the mirage, and it was all the rage. Under the benefit of the master of Qingfang and the god of fate, the performance of Baimugui and Prajna is also super powerful. And at the end, with good performance, Prajna can also directly achieve the goal of KO the enemy within one round. And this lineup has also been loved by many players. Then, on the basis of this lineup, Xiaobai has replaced the new shikigami “Master of Arakawa”, as well as the shikigami “Yi” of the “Flying Life” series. In the end, what kind of performance will this new lineup bring to everyone? Please follow me to find out!

The idea of ​​​​purchasing cards for this lineup combination is to use the divination ability of each shikigami to use the super ability to check cards and control the card library, so as to control the rhythm of the use of cards in the hand. Then, combine a good field control ability with a strong ability to clear the field, or realize the suppression of the opponent through divination, so that Prajna can be quickly developed. As long as there is a chance, we can achieve the purpose of quickly KO the opponent.

The Lord of Arakawa, as the guardian and ruler of Arakawa, in addition to the ability to store energy, he also has a strong ability to control. His biggest specialty is that he can use multiple cards in a round, so that he can gain additional benefits for the team. You can also bring two “Returning Flow”, after all, it belongs to the ghost fire buff, and you can charge “Returning Flow” again after using the card from the hand. I brought two copies of “Back to Home” in order to increase its availability. After all, as the highest-level form card of the Lord of Arakawa, this card is definitely not bad. And after using it, it also has multiple benefits for the growth of the entire team, and it is also very easy to use. A friend who only has one card of this card can bring an extra “Return”.

As a talented chess master, in addition to his superb chess skills, Yi is also an assistant master in the team. He has a very good card checking ability, as well as a strong and favorable hand scheduling, as well as the ability to search the card library. The “long test” is used to shuffle and check cards, and has the advantage of instant casting. After Awakening, he can strategize his hand. And when shuffling, it also has a good divination ability. One of his biggest highlights is that he can use the “hand of the gods” to put any card of one of his other shikigami into the hand from the library. The flexibility of this operation is very strong, and we can freely mobilize other shikigami cards according to the battle situation. If the time is ripe, then mobilize Prajna’s mortal battle card, and you can directly achieve the goal of winning the game.

About Baimugui’s ability to check cards and control the field, everyone can see it. And she can also output and control the field through divination. Awakening can completely bring two, the reason why I brought her a “cursed eye” is also to make her have a better divination suppression effect on the enemy in the later stage. Because when this team encounters a mid-to-late lineup, we have a better chance to counterattack. It is also easier to control the rhythm of the game, so as to achieve the goal of winning. Of course, if you want the team to develop as soon as possible, it is enough to bring her two awakenings. We can choose the way to bring her cards according to our personal habits and preferences.

As the main fighter in this team, Prajna’s single attack and explosive abilities are very strong. He can also use the top card of the library to launch continuous explosive attacks on the enemy. Regarding the mutual cooperation between “jealousy” and “evil drama”, I believe that everyone has already seen and appreciated the rapid offensive that he can exert. And his second hook battle card “Heart of Jealousy” will also put this card into the deck and shuffle after attacking, and the card with the same name in this game will also gain an attack power of 2, which makes him The offensive has increased a lot!

Xiaobai’s summary: All in all, this lineup is a pure divination flow. Their biggest advantage is that through divination and card checking, field control and solution, suppression and powerful offensive, many unexpected quick offensives are launched against the enemy. When the opponent was under a lot of pressure because of our powerful card checking ability and divination ability, when they were dazzled, and before they were too prepared, we had already achieved victory. If you want this lineup, you can operate it with ease. We need to master the shikigami cards and master the rhythm in the operation. I believe that as long as you contact a few times, you can master it freely! Although this lineup is difficult to operate, it does not affect the efficiency of their victory! I would like to ask everyone: When you use the divination flow, do you prefer to use the combination of “Mountain Rabbit and Frog”, or do you prefer to use the combination of “Mountain Rabbit Kappa”? Everyone is welcome to leave valuable suggestions and team-up tips for Xiaobai! Thanks for your support! See you in our next column!