Onmyoji Baiwen Card: The human face tree is strong in the field, and the double-assist double-healing card group in the middle and late stages

hello! Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to meet you again! Now the new shikigami appearing in “Baiwen Card” can be said to have a strong momentum in terms of attack power. Compared with the previous fast break flow, it is definitely a fight. Moreover, compared to the previous fast break, the attack power was also relatively heavier. However, due to many novice players, a certain deck has not yet been assembled. When fighting with many senior players, he has a great advantage. It even beat everyone down and complained. Therefore, today I will introduce to you a deck with strong standing and strong stamina to alleviate the difficult situation you are currently encountering. If you are interested, please follow me to find out!

This is a deck that old players can easily form. The card matching idea it uses is double support and double healing. This deck belongs to the middle and late stages of the deck. Although they need to be gradually cultivated in the early stage, their standing strength is strong and the stamina is full. Especially in the later stage, it definitely has the advantage of one move to defeat the enemy. And in the early stage, it can also resist the strong offensive of other fast-break flows, which is more conducive to the development of the deck and the perfect play in the later stage.

The Peach Blossom Demon’s card-carrying method changed from the normal, only brought a resurrection, but added a check on the basis of healing. And “Peach’s Breath” can also play a temporary role in sustaining the players with low HP in the card group. We can only guarantee that by minimizing the abandonment rate of our own players, we can increase the chance of victory.

Rihefang has always been a good support shikigami, especially in a charged team, she is a super nurse who performs well, and she also has a good ability to check cards and control the field. In this deck, I brought her an extra “Sunrise You Yao”. It can turn the attack power and blood volume of one’s shikigami into the base value, and it can also have a healing effect. It greatly increased the overall combat capability of the team. Especially when assisting “Human-faced Tree” and “Encoffining Master”, it is even more powerful.

The Human Face Tree has also been favored by many players since boarding the ship. Because he has a good standing ability, he adds a good barrier to the team. He can also allow some mid-to-late decks to develop more smoothly. It can be said that each of his form cards is unique. Especially when “Bane” loses Awakening, that is the king of the station. And the spell card “Sacred Wood Blessing” can enhance the combat effectiveness of the whole game.

The mortuary master is one of my favorite shikigami in the “Flowers and Dreams” series of shikigami. The reason I like him is naturally because he can better set up roadblocks for the enemy. And the ability to clear the field is also good, especially in the later stage, the huge damage that “The Coffin in Full Bloom” can cause to the enemy, it can completely achieve the effect of one move to defeat the enemy. If the two overlap, the fight will be more enjoyable, and the victory will be more enjoyable.

Xiaobai’s summary: All in all, the advantage of this deck is that it is strong in the field and has full battery life. Once it develops attack power, it should not be underestimated. Although it belongs to the middle and late stages of the deck, it is definitely worth developing, and it can better resist the strong offensive of other fast attack streams. Especially when fighting against a new shikigami, you won’t be dropped by the opponent as soon as you play. If you think this deck is not bad, you can try it yourself! Do you have any good card group recommendations or ideas for defeating new shikigami? Welcome to leave your valuable suggestions! Thank you for your support! See you in our next column! See you soon!