Only one day after the broadcast started, it won the first place in the popularity list. Unexpectedly, the 47-year-old Wu Yue is still so good at playing

Say it, everyone may not believe it.

I recently watched a domestic movie.

Domestic action film “Ace Double”.

Originally, I didn’t often watch online movies.

However, I was bored recently, and I saw a platform push, saying that it was a martial arts action movie co-produced by Sammo Hung and Wu Yue. Good guy, when these two get together, as an action movie lover, you can’t miss it. Big brother Hong still has to give him face.

However, if you don’t look at it, you don’t know it, and you are shocked when you look at it.

To describe this movie in one sentence, it’s both bad and beautiful! Moreover, there are quite a few people who have the same perception as me. This movie, which was released for one day, won the first place in the popularity list of the whole network. With the approval of so many people, his strength is not bad.

Well, no more nonsense, and then the editor will briefly introduce this movie to you for your reference.

One, the martial arts scene into the play

A black-clothed man in a suit and leather shoes was dancing wantonly in the bathroom. His shiny leather shoes could reflect the blood red on the ground. He picked up the bloody knife on the ground and danced as he walked, taking small steps from time to time, obviously smacking.

He walked to the sink, rinsed the weapon first, and then began to wash the blood from his hands. At this moment, a large group of people gathered behind him unknowingly. Like him, they also held weapons, dressed in black, and looked fierce.

At this time, the front face appeared, Wang Zi (played by Wu Yue).

Realizing that the situation was wrong, Wang Zi slowly picked up the weapon, reacted quickly, and fought against the opponent. The fierce saber technique, coupled with swift movements, coupled with the weight of a thousand catties, each knife was fatal, making this group of people helpless to fight back.

Knives match fists, and clothes can also become weapons. At first, Wang Zi still had the upper hand, but as the number of opponents increased, he was also beaten to the ground. Just when he was about to be in danger and his life was in danger, a heroic beauty appeared.

She first saved Wang Zi with a flying kick, and the two cooperated tacitly. After some fighting, the big beauty took a long knife from nowhere, killed several opponents in two or three hits, and gained the upper hand in an instant.

However, just when the two were about to sweep away thousands of troops and clean the battlefield, an accident happened. The enemies they fought had green eyes instantly, and their bodies mutated, turning into zombies directly. Some were fighting with overwhelming strength, some bared their fangs and claws, roaring intimidatingly, and some were even worse, obviously breaking half of their bodies, and still crawling on the ground.

Good guy, as soon as this scene came out, the heroine laughed straight away, and Wang Zi was even more confused, not knowing how to make an expression, the scene was once very embarrassing. Fortunately, a voice from afar eased the situation.

Help! Oh no! Card!

Then, the hero said, oops.

I, in front of the screen, also suddenly realized. Oh, it turns out that they are shooting a movie on the set.

scare me!

Immediately afterwards, Feng Lang (played by Sun Yue), a big fat man, rushed up. According to the introduction, it should be field affairs, Balabala said after a while. Wang Zi complained to Fatty, ah, no, Fatty. Said that he had said earlier that he would not take jobs in the group with Missy.

Come on! The title of “Ace Stand” is echoed here. Our hero is a martial arts stand-in.

Less than 5 minutes had passed since the fight scene was over. Good guy, this “Ace Stand” really understands the routines of big online movies. The first five minutes will give you the most extreme visual display, which will instantly attract your attention.

Yes, it’s kind of routine, but I like it. Martial arts scenes, as long as you take them seriously, you can never get tired of them.

And it was these 5 minutes of play that made me into the play.

I have expectations in my heart, even if the following plot is not good, there are still Wu Yue’s fighting scenes to watch, and I will definitely not lose money. No matter how bad it is, isn’t there still a big fat man and a little grandson, even if the play is not good, it is not a loss to hear him talk about a cross talk.

No matter how bad it is, didn’t they say that there is Sammo Hung!

Second, perception

As mentioned above, after watching this movie, I feel that it is bad and good-looking.

Then someone has doubts!

Why is it bad? Bad plot?


Why do you look good? Does martial arts look good?


Wang Zi played the role of a martial arts stand-in in the movie, and he walked around every day to make money. And this heroine, Missy, is not an outsider, but his ex-wife. The two are currently divorced, and they also have a daughter, Xiao Ke.

The two disliked each other. Missy wanted to take her daughter Xiao Ke abroad. Although Wang Zi was unwilling, he seemed to have no choice. After all, in my job, not to mention the low wages, the working hours are not fixed, and I have no free time to spend with my children.

Missy’s current husband is Gao Yang (Hong Tianzhao decoration), a businessman.

His company has developed an exoskeleton device. This set of equipment can help the disabled to stand up again, and it can also be transformed into a weapon and equipped on soldiers. This set of equipment has been written into the martial arts of today’s major martial arts schools. It can be said to be the culmination of martial arts. Only by controlling brain waves, one can become a master of martial arts.

However, the truth is that Gao Yang did not invent this exoskeleton himself, but stole the work of the “useless” inventor Zhao Dabao (played by Dao Tao). In order to regain his own patent, Zhao Dabao and his friend Xiaozhi are also planning to steal the exoskeleton and regain their own patent.

Zhao Dabao can not only invent exoskeletons, but also invent various weapons, and his strength is also boundless and bottomless.

In order to get back their own patent, Zhao Dabao and Xiaozhi tied Xiaoke and wanted to blackmail him. And all of this is actually in Gao Yang’s plan. Zhao Dabao’s friend Xiao Zhi is actually Gao Yang’s undercover agent placed beside Zhao Dabao.

Gao Yang actually wanted to use Xiao Zhi’s hand to get rid of Zhao Dabao. As for Xiao Ke, he didn’t care at all. Xiao Ke is actually the object he used to blackmail his girlfriend Missy. His real purpose is not to make this invention serve the disabled, in fact he wants to develop it into a weapon.

In this way, the four major drama conflicts unfolded.

Zhao Dabao wants to get back his patent.

Wang Zi wants to rescue his daughter.

Gao Yang wants to get rid of Zhao Dabao and build an evil empire.

Wang Zi and Missy seem to want to reunite.

These four major dramas conflict and intermingle with each other, forming the main plot of “Ace Stand”.

To be honest, everyone is very familiar with these four routines of dramatic conflict, and basically they have been used badly by major movies. The father rescued his daughter and reunited with his wife. Then, the two work together to defeat the bad boyfriend. This kind of plot is simply not too routine.

And patents being stolen and ultimately used for nefarious purposes are not new.

But, but, but.

Although the plot is bad, but after watching the movie, it gives people a very cool impression.

Zhao Dabao, played by Daotao, and Feng Lang, played by Wu Yue, are responsible for the funny. Wang Zi, played by Wu Yue, is responsible for the promotion of martial arts scenes and emotional scenes. The two lines are intersected, and both have high-quality performances. It is not a problem at all to treat it as a dinner drama.

Besides, it is enough for a big online movie to have such a strong cast as Wu Yue, Sun Yue, Sammo Hung, Dao Dao, and Hong Tianzhao. What more bike do you want? Anyway, after watching it, I felt that there were lots of laughs, and the martial arts scenes were also fun to watch.

Three, unexpected surprises

As I write this, I guess everyone will ask.

What about Sammo Hung you are talking about?

Didn’t it mean that Sammo Hung teamed up with Wu Yue?

Why is it gone?

Don’t get excited, everyone, I am also one of the victims. Sammo Hung was recruited in “Ace Stand-in”, but he only played a cameo role. I sat on the stool and said few words during the whole process, let alone a real fight with Wu Yue.

Besides, at Sammo Hung’s age and body shape, don’t expect him to be able to play well. Finding Sammo Hung was a gimmick by the film crew. Actually, I was already mentally prepared for this, and I am already used to the showy operations of big online movies.

However, although Sammo Hung didn’t have many scenes, Sun Yue and Dao Dao had a lot of roles. These two people, a professional cross talk talker and a professional comedian, added a lot of jokes to the show. The reason why I was able to finish watching “Ace Stand” in one sitting is thanks to these two.

Especially chattering, good guy, don’t be too funny. In the past, when I read his works, most of them were short jokes. I knew that this actor was funny. He made pancakes that were harder than iron.

However, I knew that Dao Dao could do it, but I didn’t expect him to be so good at it. In this movie, he can be regarded as taking his personal funny ability to the extreme. He cheated his teammates for a while, cheated his opponents for a while, and even cheated himself when he was in a hurry. What a unique hidden weapon he made, it was comparable to Zhou Xingchi’s “weird gun” in “Domestic Lingling Paint”.

To put it bluntly, as a passer-by audience, I was completely fancied after watching this movie.

Four, one more word

For this “Ace Stand”, I didn’t have much hope at the beginning. I glanced at the poster and subconsciously thought that this might be a bad movie. However, I never expected that after reading it, I found that it was quite beautiful.

Facts have proved that not all big online movies are bad movies. As long as the director can shoot seriously and find some strong actors, some of them are still worth a try.

This “Ace Stand” is recommended to everyone, and interested viewers can try it.

If you are not satisfied, eat a few more bowls of rice and don’t scold me!