Only call 666? Practical praise skills for exclusive sister paper players: Are you still playing tomorrow?

What are you playing games for? Some people may say that it is because of happiness, and some people may say that it is because of enjoyment of competition, but in general, we ordinary players are different from professional players, and we play games to have a small partner to share, or a wave Has the wonderful operation been recognized by your friends? Wouldn’t someone really call 666 to themselves?

So, from this point, we can know why the current accompany industry is so developed, and we can also know why it is fun to play games when someone opens the black together, but in this day and age, “praising 666” is a very common compliment. Now, it can even be used for “yin and yang weirdness”, which is no longer the best choice for boasting, and it will even face a wave of perfunctory answers of “basic behavior not 6”.

So what does the current “high-quality praise of human games” look like? Don’t panic, let’s take a look at the operation of this cute girl from “Eternal Calamity”.

At the beginning, this girl player first showed us a wave of “error demonstrations”, and shouted 666 when the boss played “basic operations”. The boss just heard too many similar compliments, and then he was “immune” to it.

Then turning around, this girl gave us a wave of “God-level praise”, saying “Are you still playing after dinner?”, “Are you still playing tomorrow?”.

Don’t look at these two sentences as ordinary words, but their power is definitely huge. Although it doesn’t look like a compliment on the surface, it means “you play well, I want to play with you tomorrow”. , I have to say, this girl really understands! Too superficial praise is “licking the dog”, but the implicit connotation is “lore”!

Of course, not all games and all objects can do this. As the most popular competitive game at present, “Eternal Calamity” is favored by many female players due to its good and beautiful style of painting, so there are many female players in this game. , There are even many Coser, such as this girl in the picture.

I don’t know what you think of this “low-key and connotative” way of boasting? If you also like such a low-key but effective way of boasting, why not try it in the game?