Only 2 points from 4 shots in a single game, Franklin continued to slump and relied on teammates to fight the fire

  On October 29th, Beijing time, in the matchup between the Shanghai team and Beijing Enterprises tonight, Jamal Franklin continued to be in the doldrums. However, relying on the excellent performance of domestic players, the Shanghai team finally defeated the opponent 105-98 and won a long-lost winning streak. .

  In this campaign, Franklin played 11.7 minutes, scoring only 1 of 4 shots and only 2 points, plus 3 assists.

  In today’s game, Franklin’s performance was completely suppressed by the opponent’s foreign aid. If it wasn’t for the local players of the Shanghai team to come forward, the team might suffer another defeat.

  Although the team won the game today, Franklin’s efficiency was negative. In 9 games this season, Franklin has not scored in double figures in any game, and his sluggish state has continued until the end of the first period.

  If Franklin still can’t adjust his state during the window period, then if his contract expires, he is likely to be reduced to the point where he can play without the ball in the CBA.

  (Shen Wei)

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