“Online courses” dominate the screen, ophthalmologists send “cheats” for eye protection

Online classes are convenient and efficient.

But the only thing that worries parents is


In fact,

Whether it’s watching an electronic screen or reading a book ,

As long as the eyes are used at close range for a long time ,

will increase the burden on the eyes,

thereby increasing the risk of myopia.


Learning can’t be delayed,

Protecting eyesight is equally important,

Online classes and vision are really fish and bear’s paw,

Can’t have both?

To this,

Well-known expert in ophthalmology of Shangqiu Municipal Hospital

Director Cui Yue’e introduced to parents

Teenagers staying at home taking online classes

How to use the eyes properly?

1. Select the electronic screen with the largest screen as possible

The size of the screen is very important when choosing an electronic product. If possible, try to choose an electronic product with a larger screen. The suggested priority order is: projector, TV, computer, tablet, and lastly, mobile phone.

It is best to choose to project the course on a large screen or a TV connected to a larger screen, so that it is possible to watch at a distance of more than 3 meters and avoid using your eyes at close range.

2. Adjust the computer position:

When using the computer, keep the distance between the eyes and the computer screen at about half a meter, the computer screen is slightly inclined, and the screen brightness should not be dazzling and can be seen clearly without effort. The posture is to sit upright, try not to lie down, lie down, or look at the electronic screen.

3. Remember the “20:20:20” formula:

Remember: for every 20 minutes of reading or looking at the computer up close, look up 20 steps (about 6 meters away) away for 20 seconds .

4. Increase outdoor activity time:

Outdoor activities mainly emphasize activities in the sun. For children who are growing and developing, it is recommended that they be no less than 2 hours a day .

5. Balanced and comprehensive nutrition:

The diet should be balanced, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, it is recommended to eat less sweets, eat more vegetables. In addition, animal liver foods are good for the eyes, so you can eat more.

6. Maintain a good eye posture:

When reading and writing, the sitting posture should be “head straight, shoulders level, body straight, and feet safe” , and at the same time pay attention to maintaining “one foot, one punch and one inch” : eyes one foot away from the book, chest one punch away from the table, and hands one inch away from the tip of the pen.

Parents can build for their children

Archives of Refractive Development in Children,

Take the child to the regular hospital ophthalmology

Detect the eye axis, corneal curvature, degree, etc.

Periodic inspection,

Real-time grasp of the refractive development process of children’s eyes,

Do early detection and early intervention.

Source: Shangqiu Municipal Hospital

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