Oner performed at a super level, faker dreamed of returning to the top, T1 defeated JDG and pointed to the fourth championship!

Oner performed at a super level, faker dreamed of returning to the top, T1 defeated JDG and pointed to the fourth championship!

Before the “League of Legends” S12 World Final between JDG and T1, Rabbit Driver once discussed the score with friends. My prediction at the time was that no matter which team T1 or JDG won, the score would be three to one. . In the end, when T1 lost the first game, they knocked out JDG in three consecutive games and advanced to the final. As the only remaining LPL team in the semi-finals, JDG has brought their level to the extreme. It can only be said that the upper limit of LPL this year is like this. Judging from the trend of the whole game, T1 did play the better team.

In the first game, oner’s fist mom was basically in a sleepwalking state, completely suppressed by kanavi, and Zeus, who was on the road, was unable to form his equipment under the alternate impact of JDG’s midfielder. In this round, JDG played everything he had, and the shortcomings of T1 were also exposed: once the jungler was suppressed, and the top lane could not develop without support, the upper half would be very passive. After that, Bengi targeted Ueno heroes in BP for two consecutive games, and it also received very good results. Not only was Faker not suppressed, the next two Ryze and a Tsar were simply dreaming back to the top. After sleepwalking for a game, Oner’s intelligence came back online, plus the top laner and bot lane with blood C, it’s not surprising that T1 won.

This is the fifth time that Lee Sang Hyuk has reached the final battle of the S competition, and it is also the first time he has returned to the final stage after five years. In this regard, the official LOL tweet also specially issued a tribute to the legendary veteran: After 5 years, faker and T1 are back in the Worlds Final! Five years ago, faker almost single-handedly led T1 from the knockout round to the finals, but in the end, he was defeated by GEN in a rout and missed the third consecutive championship. Brother Li, who has made a comeback this time, has stronger helpers by his side, and he has rekindled his desire for his fourth S championship trophy.

It has to be said that it is not easy to win the world championship in the highly competitive e-sports arena. However, in faker, we see a kind of persistence. For ten years, faker’s opponents have ranged from white and pawn to xiaohu, crown, and then to chovy and yagao. T1 always chooses to believe in Lee Sang-hyeok and keeps rebuilding the team around him. Now, faker and this youth version of T1 are only one step away from the world finals championship.

In all fairness, judging from the current state of oner and faker, this scene is a super-level performance against JDG. Faker has been singled out for many times in this competition and was killed by concentrated fire, leaving a lot of opportunities for his opponents; oner has always sleepwalked, belonging to a typical tailwind jungler. Regardless of whether it is facing GEN or DRX, it cannot be said that the championship is now guaranteed. In order to win the coveted S championship trophy, T1 must continue the state of this game against JDG.

Five years, one dream, ten years of sharpening a sword, the story of T1 and faker continues!