One plus mobile phone has played a new track on the IP “joint name” wind

I don’t know when it started, but the “joint name” wind that originally belonged to the shoe ring and the wear ring suddenly came to our machine ring.

Of course, this is not a bad thing~

Because the meaning of the joint name is to allow manufacturers that did not belong to the same market and have no relationship with the eight poles, they can have the opportunity of “cross-border cooperation”.

In this way, the two brands can form an invisible bond, which is responsible for the communication and connection between the two markets and circles.

This is the so-called “inter-professional job search”.

For example, this year’s Children’s Day, KFC and Pokémon jointly launched Han Han Da Duck~

I have to say that this is a duck. It is too mature for children, but it is just right for an 18-year-old like us.

For a time, the whole network was popular, and “a duck is hard to find”.

It made some people go directly to the McDonald’s next door.

Or before, the custom T-shirt jointly launched by Uniqlo and hip-hop fashion brand KAWS.

The fire was also a mess.

Not only was it sold out in an instant when it was released at 0:00, but it was even driven up by netizens and scalpers that day. The original price of 99 yuan of clothes was directly fired to two or three hundred yuan.

Even so, it’s still a hard thing to ask for, so I’ll ask you if you’re evil or not?

(Just a meme)

So let’s say… the joint name is good, the impact will not only be in one circle, but even radiate to the entire market environment.

To put it bluntly, there is no trend, but a new trend is created out of thin air.

Back to our machine circle.

To say that in our mobile phone circle, the cross-border co-branding is the most fun and interesting, then we have to mention OnePlus.

Ji Ge said without exaggeration that OnePlus may really be the mobile phone manufacturer that can play the most co-branded and showy operations at present.

As early as 2020, when everyone was still rolling telephoto and high brush.

OnePlus has co-branded with the game masterpiece “Cyberpunk 2077” of “Polish Donkey” and launched a limited edition OnePlus 8T.

This machine, not only in color and design, but also highly restores the style of the game.

Even the system theme, and even the details such as notification light effect and charging effect, OnePlus has highly restored the game dynamic effect.

To be honest, the launch of this co-branded machine has almost established OnePlus’ position as the “number one player” in the joint customization operation of the machine circle.

There is no need to say much about how careful OnePlus is in the design of this co-branded custom.

In short, until now, second-hand resale platforms like Xianyu, the price of the OnePlus 8T customized by Cyberpunk, can still sell for more than 3K.

Friends, don’t forget.

This is a machine from two years ago…

Or even earlier, the OnePlus 5T “Sandstone White” limited edition jointly launched by OnePlus and “Star Wars”.

The classic generation of panda black and white machine, I don’t know how many people’s memories it can evoke~

And, the OnePlus 6T co-branded with the McLaren sports car, and the customized OnePlus 6 co-branded with the Avengers…

In those years, these machines all set off a wave of buying waves.

In short, when Brother Ji looked at it like this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

From games to reality, animation and film soft culture, the joint name of OnePlus is involved, and it is estimated that there is no one else.

In addition to these in-depth customized designs, OnePlus has also adjusted the “gift box set” operation.

For example, last year, OnePlus and “Yuanshen” jointly launched the OnePlus 9RT sugar gift box.

From custom phone cases, sugar posters, to exclusive cooling back clips… OnePlus delivers for free.

The most important thing is that the price is still maintained at 3799 yuan, which is only 100 yuan more expensive than the original price of the same specification…

Look at that damn conscience!

However, because it is a gift box set, it is not as deeply customized as before.

Therefore, many people are looking forward to a more in-depth joint name with “Yuanshen”.

No, when everyone knows that this time, OnePlus is going to renew the front line with “Yuanshen”, and it is also co-branded with the most popular in-game Walnut to launch a custom model…

Hehe, anyway, Brother Ji’s melon has already been prepared.

To tell you the truth, as the machine brother of Wu Yanzu on Line 6, I actually received this machine a long time ago.

U1S1, this time, OnePlus is still quite big.

When Brother Ji first received the courier, those who didn’t know the weight thought that Brother Ji bought some high-power electrical appliances.

Nuo has a big gift box, and it is said that there are a lot of good things hidden in it.

Hot, not much to say, let’s look at the phone first~

Everyone probably knows that.

This time, OnePlus chose the OnePlus Ace Pro, which was released two months ago, as the protagonist of this joint name.

Although this machine, the machine brother is already very familiar with it.

But when Brother Ji really saw it, he didn’t even recognize it at first sight…

Because of it, everything has changed.

The first thing that catches the eye is the back cover.

Don’t worry, Brother Ji knows what you want to ask:

What exactly is this color?

Cough, let’s listen to the machine brother and I’ll tell you~

In other words, the game character that OnePlus co-branded this time is not a walnut.

Therefore, OnePlus chose the dark brown color on Walnut’s favorite “Qiankun Tai Trigram Hat” as the overall main color of this joint machine.

Pay tribute to the game or pursue restoration.

Anyway, Brother Ji’s colleagues who played Genshinji, when they saw this game, all shouted:

One plus is really fine!

However, although it is dark brown.

But Brother Ji took a closer look and found that there is still a little dark red in it~

And this color will appear particularly low-key in low-light environments.

Well, it’s not bad, it’s a match for the little black purple of the iPhone 14 Pro next door.

In addition, don’t be “deceived” by the grainy feel of the back cover. It actually feels very moist to the touch.

Thanks to the one-piece continuous curved surface design and the silk glass craftsmanship, the back cover is really good-looking and easy to touch.

In addition to changing colors, OnePlus also redesigned the elements of the back cover.

Really done, all from the game, all selected from the walnut.

Walnut, as the most popular character in the “Genshin” game.

The reason why everyone likes her is not just her playful and cute character.

The main reason is that the elemental power guided by the walnut is the element of fire with the highest explosive output in the game.

Whether it is Daguai or PK, he is a good player.

It is no exaggeration to say that the fire element is the walnut, and the walnut is the spokesperson of the fire element.

Therefore, OnePlus has engraved the distinctive “flame texture” of walnut on the back cover of this frosted AG glass.

Moreover, it will also follow the change of our perspective, showing different flame light and shadow effects.

It seems that the power of the elements is in the hands of you and me.

Well, it’s a little bit sassy, ​​but it doesn’t violate the harmony.

However, as a co-branded character, how can I do it without any special care~

In addition to being widely known as the fire element, walnut has another feature, which is the butterfly special effect that exists at all times in the skill~

Hey, the “Butterfly Logo” dedicated to walnuts, isn’t it here~

This time, OnePlus designed such a custom Logo by combining the skill effects of Walnut with its own Logo.

The original design of Ace Pro is largely retained, and the iconic elements of walnut are subtly integrated.

If Brother Ji remembers correctly, only Yuanshen is currently treated like this.

In addition, at the bottom of the fuselage, there is also a standing-painted head embossed, which is also an exclusive design.

If anyone buys this phone and still wears the case, I will be the first to refuse.

After talking about the main appearance, let’s look at the inside.

First of all, OnePlus has also spent a lot of effort on the built-in system this time.

If it is said that the customization of other companies is to customize even the teeth, then OnePlus is really changing the DNA to “Yuanshen”…

From power on and unlock to power off and hibernation, you can feel the exclusive “Yuanshen” Moment everywhere.

As soon as you turn it on, you can see this well-designed custom theme – “Dancing with Butterflies”.

The playful walnut floats slightly, as if it can jump out across the screen.

In addition to live wallpapers, OnePlus has also redrawn more than 60 system icons.

All of them incorporate the elements of butterflies, plum blossoms and fire of walnut, and are also highly unified with the game UI interface.

At first, Brother Ji couldn’t tell whether it was entering the game or entering the desktop of the mobile phone.

Speaking of games.

For plug-in functions like “Game Assistant”, OnePlus has made a design that conforms to the overall style.

In short, this time, OnePlus has done a very unified job in all aspects.

Especially when Brother Ji knew that OnePlus and even “Xiaobu Assistant” had added a walnut soundtrack…

Soon, brother machine, I switched the voice directly.

I just didn’t expect that a sentence suddenly popped up on the phone: “How is it, have you never seen me like this!”

Brother machine, I almost lost my mussels…

Walnut Original Audio: 00:0000:04

This coquettish operation caused Brother Ji to fall into a soul questioning:

Is this… Is it a mobile phone made by OnePlus, or a mobile phone made by Yuanshen himself…

OK, let’s finally look at the gift box.

Presumably, the machine friends here, even if they have not played “Yuanshen”, they must have heard of “Liyuegang”.

Hey, that’s right.

It’s the map scene that everyone “likes” most when testing performance~

No matter what 4nm you are, new technology, graphene… Come to our “Liyue Port”, everything shows its original shape!

But it is such a map that makes countless machines “frightened”, OnePlus is not afraid at all, and it is directly placed on the packaging.

This coquettish operation also stunned the machine brother.

However, the appearance and packaging are not the point.

I think what the machine friends are most concerned about is such a big box, what kind of treasure is OnePlus hiding in it~


The charging head must be delivered.

But it’s not a simple charging head, it has also been customized and printed with the exclusive seat of walnut – “Butterfly seat”.

After looking at it like this, I think the friends of the machine know what the machine wants to say~

That’s right, this “Introduction of the Butterfly” is not a random print, it is equally important.

In the game, the seat of life is a kind of stuff that can provide exclusive Buffs to game characters, such as increasing skill damage and reducing physical consumption.

And the seat of life of the walnut is this “Induction Butterfly”.

Corresponding to reality, the seat of life is located on the charging head, which can charge the mobile phone and prolong its life, which can also be regarded as a Buff bonus.

Oh, by the way, the included cooling-skin heat-dissipating protective case also incorporates the design element of the “butterfly seat”.

Now, heat dissipation and charging have a life seat bonus, so what are you afraid of performance release issues?

But to say that among the gifts, Brother Ji’s favorite is actually the card needle that comes with it—

Hmm… This is indeed a card pin, the kind that removes the SIM card.

In the same way, the card needle is also a very high restore of the in-game equipment “Rod of Goma”.

In the game, the “Rod of Goma” can not only increase the upper limit of the character’s life, but also obtain the corresponding attack power bonus.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a “golden oil” weapon.

It’s just that OnePlus made the card needle like this… I’m a little reluctant to use it.

Maybe that’s the reason.

So, OnePlus included two ornaments in the gift box.

This… is something we can post after all~

One, it is an acrylic table top ornament of walnut.

Hey, it’s not enough to just look at it like this, let’s make a comparison.

To be honest, it’s not that I haven’t seen a co-branded machine give a gift, but I haven’t seen it, it’s such a big gift…

The little yellow ducks all said Alexander.

The other is a good partner ornament of walnut.

I have to say, this little friend is placed on Brother Ji’s desktop, and his cuteness is not inferior to Luo Xiaohei, little yellow duck and bitter gourd pig next door?

Let’s just say, my friends and paper posters are all sent, can I send another walnut figure to Ji Ge, hehe…

The only thing that is a bit unfortunate is that this co-branded custom cooling back clip, we have to buy it ourselves.

However, although the original price is 219 yuan.

But if it is based on the purchase of the OnePlus Ace Pro Yuanshen Limited Edition, it will eventually be taken away for only 179 yuan .

It is not difficult to see that the joint name limitation of OnePlus and Genshin this time really raised the “deep customization” to a new level.

From appearance design to built-in themes, from charging and turning on to turning off the screen…

Everywhere is taken from the game, and there are rules to follow everywhere.

Even peripheral accessories are considered by OnePlus.

The machine brother unilaterally announced: OnePlus is really fine (not

As for the configuration of the phone itself, OnePlus Ace Pro has no shortcomings in all aspects.

Snapdragon 8+ , main camera IMX766 sensor, 120Hz high refresh rate, 150W super flash charge…

A “top” word is enough to explain everything.

Of course, the most important thing is the price OnePlus gave this time:

16+512GB 4299 yuan

Hey wait, isn’t 4299 yuan the price of the ordinary OnePlus Ace Pro, 16+512GB specification?

One plus this wave, sent so many things, but also increased the amount without increasing the price .

It’s true, I cry to death…

Although Ji Ge is not a serious player of Genshin Impact, it is essential as a special evaluation software for machine circles.

So Brother Ji and “Yuanshen” are more related to “work”.

But even so, Brother Ji can feel the effort that OnePlus has put into co-branding with “Yuanshen” this time.

And since OnePlus has made a joint name, not only has the IP been selected very well, but also the mentality that as long as it is selected, it must be the best.

Perhaps, this is the most difficult and valuable part of OnePlus.

After all, the machine circle is a very cold and paper-based environment. As long as you expose the flagship processor and top-level screen, you can have the right to speak in the comparison.

So many people are asking:

Could it be that digital products can only be distinguished by configuration?

Now, we can’t tell.

With the co-branding of various IPs, many cultures independent of the machine circle have entered the circle, injecting a lot of new vitality and new designs into the originally cold digital circle.

It also allows us to choose a new phone based on the configuration, unlike before.

Finally, I can pay for my favorite movies, favorite IPs, and even my own feelings.

After all, you spend your own money, can’t you choose a happier way?

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