One person propped up the “Double 11” Li Jiaqi’s first-day commission of 4.8 billion pre-sale?

At 8 pm on October 24th, the pre-sale of Double 11 in 2022 officially started. This year, Taobao Live, which has joined hands with Li Jiaqi, Luo Yonghao, Yu Minhong, Yaowang Dream Station and many other trump cards, has become the biggest topic of Double 11. Among them, on the first day of the pre-sale, Luo Yonghao and Li Jiaqi launched the “competition on the same stage” on Taobao live broadcast, which detonated the biggest hot spot of this year’s Double Eleven. Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room mainly focuses on beauty and skin care products, while Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room has a very obvious male audience orientation. However, judging from the record of the two, Li Jiaqi is still far ahead. Taking media news as an example, Li Jiaqi sold 21.5 billion in one night, which is about 100 Luo Yonghao, and it has become a topic that people talk about. Although Mei One kept refuting rumors, she didn’t run away when she rushed to the hot search.

Data shows that Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room had nearly 461 million views that night, and a total of 292 products were listed in the live broadcast room. Many popular beauty products were sold out in a few minutes, and they were still sold out even after multiple replenishments. It can be seen that even after leaving for a while, Li Jiaqi’s appeal and influence in the live broadcast industry has not been affected too much! At the same time, many people are curious about the pre-sales of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room. If it is true as the media said, 21.5 billion, only based on the 20% commission, Li Jiaqi’s team will make a net profit of 4.3 billion this night. Of course, there is also news that 20% is just an average, and some products have commissions as high as 40%.

There is also a report from, which lists the composition of the income of Li Jiaqi and Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room.

According to the report, an industry insider revealed to reporters that during the Double 11 period, Luo Yonghao’s business cooperation costs in Taobao’s live broadcast room include: 200,000 pit fees, package fees for all rights and interests (including pit fees, slice authorization and portrait use for a certain period of time) Authorization, official account posting) is 600,000, and the sales commission is about 25%.

“Even if it is only calculated from the commission level, according to the sales volume of 210 million yuan reported by the media, after deducting about 10% of the return amount, the commission income of Lao Luo’s live broadcast room is about 47 million yuan. If it is calculated according to the figure reported by the media of 21.5 billion yuan, After deducting 10% of the return amount, Li Jiaqi’s income from the commission part of the live broadcast room is as high as 4.8 billion yuan.”

The rumors keep coming out. Although some beautiful wrists come forward to deny it, it does not prevent them from being searched. So what is Mei wrist hiding?

As a warm-up for Double 11, offer2 has recently been popular with major brands and fans, but as the only super-headed anchor at present, its negotiation strategy and the low-cost strategy are still difficult to conceal its relationship with the brand.” The basic plot of “Love and Kill”. As a super head party, always maintaining the “lowest price in the history of the whole network” is the only goal that Li Jiaqi wants to strive for, which also makes him continue to use his almost “fact monopoly” influence in the beauty market during the negotiation process with the brand party. Continue to lower the price of the product, and continue to put pressure on the brand representative.

Throughout the entire program, most of the public opinion expressed from the beginning to the end is the logic main line of “not the lowest price = price control = brand insincere”. Therefore, in the program, the word “sincere” has become the most frequent word. Behind the overwhelming praise from consumers, those brands that are unwilling to deal with their prices have been labeled as “insufficient in sincerity”.

Top brands such as SK-II, Estee Lauder, Proya and Winona, which have strict price control in this show, have all been attacked by different public opinions on social media. The reasons, without exception, are all focused on “insufficient incentives given to consumers”. For example, after the negotiation between the SKII brand and Li Jiaqi was broadcast, many consumers went to Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room to “spit” because they did not want to buy SKII because of the brand’s public relations attitude and mechanism.

Although Li Jiaqi also explained this in the live broadcast room, “they (SKII) are not a brand with random prices in Tmall. It is just a negotiation program effect.” I hope to “quell” the anger of consumers, but This explanation of watching the fire from the other side seems to only add fuel to the fire.

Many netizens also said that Li Jiaqi is the only head anchor left now, and Li Jiaqi has the absolute right to speak about the discount rate; so it can be said that the double 11 first battle is also expected; however, with traffic, resources, exposure Continuing to get together, the monopoly advantage of head anchors like Li Jiaqi in the industry has become more and more prominent. Sky-high slot fees, a high percentage of commissions, and after-sales issues are evasive. The big anchors take all the winners, and the right to speak and vested interests have been unprecedentedly strengthened. Is this fair? Is it in line with the benign laws of commodity economy? When the vast majority of the profits of an industry are occupied by individuals who do not participate in direct production, where does fairness come from, and how does it account for the producers of commodities?