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“Exercise transforms the brain” 2

The benefits of exercise

The first is that exercise can help you lose weight. Ordinary people can lose weight as long as they have enough time and physical strength. If you exercise three times a day in the morning, noon and evening, your weight will only slowly decrease. Another is that exercise can make our cardiovascular system get a good exercise. Regular exercise will make our blood vessels unobstructed, so that the cardiopulmonary function will become stronger. For people with good cardiopulmonary function, exercise is added. More waste can then be expelled. In terms of diet, losing weight can speed up our metabolism, so if you want to achieve fat loss, you must eat more high-fiber foods and vegetables. In addition, it can accelerate blood circulation after exercise, which is good for heart health. If you exercise regularly, it is also a kind of exercise for the heart, which can play a role in preventing heart disease. The second is that exercise can also make you happy—you have plenty of time each day to do the things you love. Because the blood circulation of the body will increase after exercise, so your metabolism will be faster. If you keep exercising for a long time, you will become more and more cheerful, sunny and energetic. Of course, if you play mahjong with your friends every day, it is also a very bad thing, and if you persist in exercising for a long time, you may not be in a good mood with your friends. Finally, after exercising, it is easy to become confident and immerse yourself in the new day’s work.