One episode into the pit, Nolan’s latest sci-fi cool drama is here

In recent times, science fiction elements are full of content.


A “Cyberpunk: Edge Walker” directly set off a cyberpunk craze.


The “Capsule Project” produced by Station B is a fusion of cyberpunk and Taoist priests, two completely different and even opposite elements.


“Pantheon” is an advanced version of “Uploading New Life”, the layout is wide open, and the feeling to the audience is even more shocking.


However, the craze is not over.


Amazon is back with its new show, Edgeworld.


“Edge World”

The Peripheral

8 episodes in total | single episode 45 minutes

“Edgeworld” is adapted from the novel of the same name by the father of cyberpunk novels, William Gibson.


It is also a new work by Nolan and his wife, and it is still themed around games.


At present, “Edge World” only broadcasts the first two episodes. Although it is not comparable to the grand occasion when “Westworld” was pushed to the altar in the first season of the first broadcast, “Edge World” also received a warm response.


The audience’s discussion of it was very enthusiastic. The audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes was as high as 89%. The “Edge World” has also received a high score of 8.8 on the domestic Douban, and many audiences gave it five stars.


However, among these five stars, there are many credits of the heroine.


Full of blond curly hair, big eyes, and a good-looking smile, the most important thing is that the game is very good, and it can be said that she is the top goddess in the hearts of many otaku.

Many viewers say that the heroine looks like Yang Mi.


I didn’t feel it at first until I saw this still below.

The heroine is named Flynn, played by Chloe Moretz, who is what the girl Shenyan said.


She is a little country girl living in the 20th century with an ailing mother and a younger brother Burton who is obsessed with VR games.


Mother was sick and needed continuous treatment with medicine, but even the last medicine in the family was stolen by my brother, so Flynn could only ask my brother for money.


However, my brother was in a rush to urinate at the time, and he couldn’t stop his game, so he asked his sister to give him a hand, and immediately paid for it after passing the test.


Although Flynn was not happy, she could only agree.


However, she soon entered the game plot. First, she observed the surrounding situation, the actions of our teammates and enemies, and looked for a breakthrough.


After the breakthrough, immediately pursue the victory, defeat the enemy and friends, get the map, and reach the next level.


In just one time for my brother to pee, Flynn has successfully passed the level. It can be seen that Flynn’s ability to play games is not generally strong.


Flynn doesn’t want to work in the game industry, though, because she feels she’d rather be in real life.


A new set of equipment arrives, mailed for free by a mysterious company to older brother Burton, hoping that he will be play-tested, looking for game bugs and bugs.


Of course, the reason why it was mailed to my brother was also because his sister once helped him reach the 100th level on a whim.


Therefore, in the face of the new equipment, the younger brother is even more eager for the elder sister to come and play in person, and she will receive a large amount of monetary rewards.


For the sake of money, Flynn decided to give it a try. This test made Flynn, who doesn’t like playing games very much, a little addicted.

Because the experience is too strong, as if it exists in another real world.


In the identity of his younger brother, as soon as Flynn was connected, he appeared on the racing motorcycle and started tonight’s adventure with an exciting opening.


His task is to participate in a party, catch a woman, and send the woman to the designated place according to the prompts.


After a night of games, even Flynn can’t figure out what the purpose of the game is? However, the game was really cool, and she even recalled the scene of herself and another woman kissing in the car many times.

However, this world is definitely not a virtual VR world.


Flynn’s first game experience, refreshing! The second time, it was downright terrifying.


When Flynn decides to never play the game again, a group of killers has arrived to kill Flynn.


Because what Flynn intervened was not a virtual game, but a future world.

This is also the great part of “Edge World”, using the people of the past to change the future, and putting another layer of technology on the crossing. If the next few episodes dig a little deeper and expand on this topic, then “Edge World” may one day squeeze into the altar.