One clothes know autumn, Tang Wei Lin Qingxia’s sense of atmosphere depends on it

Wearing a windbreaker on a windy day is a sense of ritual for autumn.

There is no need to chase the fashion, there is always a khaki windbreaker in the wardrobe that can be worn out and reinterpreted every year.


The trench coat is the “most autumnal” atmosphere. With a windbreaker, you know that autumn is here.

I don’t know since when, the khaki windbreaker seems to have been linked with temperament, literature and art, and has become a basic must-have item like white shirts and jeans.

No matter who you are, tall, short, fat, thin or young, you can wear your own taste.

From the age of 20 to 70, Jane Birkin’s trench coat has always maintained personality and casualness, and relaxation is really fashionable.

Sarah Linh Tran wears the trench coat very “refined”.


windbreaker in movies

Movies love trench coats.

No other coat has been seen on the big screen as often as the trench coat, leaving behind so many classic images.

The windbreaker is also very powerful, suitable for the scene and practical, and the atmosphere is romantic. It can be said that women in trench coats in the movie have stories.

Tang Wei

 “Late Autumn” & “Resolve to Break Up” 

The gloomy and gloomy tones, the bleak and rainy Seattle, the eyes intertwined with desire and despair, the female prisoner on parole, and the sadness of autumn in a trench coat.

The dirty and old-looking trench coat on Tang Wei (supposedly from Lanvin) became the best prop.

The blue trench coat worn outside the cheongsam in “Lust and Caution” gives “Wang Jiazhi” a mysterious and dangerous atmosphere in the sexy, and Tang Wei can always control it perfectly.

Until the latest “Resolve to Break Up”, Tang Wei also wore a windbreaker, maintaining her unique spontaneity, style, brokenness, and more mystery.

Brigitte Lin

 “Chongqing Forest”

Lin Qingxia played a mysterious killer in “Chongqing Forest”. The classic look is this khaki windbreaker, with golden curly hair and sunglasses and red lips. The danger, mystery and sharpness of women are all in it.

Today, it has been almost 30 years since the film was released, and now I think of that wet and disorderly street again, this female killer dressed like Monroe, under a windbreaker, rain or shine.

Honami Suzuki

 “Tokyo Love Story” 

No one can resist Chi Ming Lixiang’s vitality and vitality, and no one can resist Chi Ming Lixiang’s ability to grasp fashion. How many people fell in love with the charm of trench coats after watching “Dong Ai”, and how many people sighed with emotion after watching that, such an “influential” way of dressing turned out to be 30 years ago.

Lixiang’s outfits in “Dong Ai” are still imitated by many people today, and fashion editors often turn them out for everyone Amway, and often see Changxin.

Windbreaker layered shirts, highly saturated knitted sweaters, V-neck diamond cardigans, brown belts + high-waisted wide-leg suit pants, and hand-carried vintage cowhide briefcases. With delicate earrings, headbands, silk scarves and scarves, who doesn’t love Lixiang like this?

Kim Hee-min

 “The Woman Who Runs” & “On the Beach Alone at Night” 

South Korea’s “beauty with a sense of atmosphere” Kim Hee-min is also an excellent player who interprets the temperament of trench coats. Cold and a little alienated, but there is always a damn charm between his eyebrows and eyes, which makes people unable to take a second glance.

In Hong Changxiu’s “The Runaway Woman”, the poster shows Kim Minxi’s classic trench coat. She plays an ordinary 40-year-old woman who only gets a chance to visit her old friends when her husband goes on a business trip five years after marriage.

Wrap a trench coat and embark on a hurried journey, starting a journey to escape from her husband and from her family.

Emma Stone


Every year at this time of year, I can’t help but revisit the photos of Emma Stone wearing a trench coat on the set of “Mad Men”. A ginger windbreaker, a pair of brown short boots, and a cigarette in her mouth… A girl like this is still attractive even after ten years.

A woman suffering from borderline personality disorder finds herself in unhealthy relationships. Hiding yourself with a windbreaker, walking alone in the rain with your head down, only smoke can relieve the pain.


windbreaker on show

“Vogue US” February 2000 issue, there is a group of classic fashion blockbuster “blame it one the rain”. Rain, windbreaker, couples, New York streets, like a movie.