One-click copy of the original Shenchen song pot has rave reviews, Chinese-style architecture is crying foreigners: I also want Oriental beauty

In the preview live broadcast of “Yuanshen” 3.2 not long ago, the latest “copy” function of the dust song pot was announced. In short, it can copy and paste other people’s dust song pot with one click, making the handicapped party happy. In this way, if you see a good-looking plan from the boss in the game in the future, with the consent of the boss, you can move to your own garden with one click, which is very convenient.

The one-click copy function of the dust song pot is not only highly anticipated by players in China, but also received rave reviews on the Internet. “I’ve been looking forward to the official copy function, and finally it’s here!” “You can also prohibit copying, it’s really thoughtful.”

At the same time, many players on the Internet also put forward their own ideas on the details of “copy”. For example, some players mentioned: “If the original author closes the sharing permission after copying, will my furniture disappear?” Some players said: “As soon as the copy function comes out, everyone’s enthusiasm for creation will be high again. Will the current capacity be insufficient? Please, let’s officially open more capacity!”

In addition, there are also careful foreigners who found that the dust song pots between different countries and regions cannot be shared, which makes the foreigners anxious: “I really want to copy those Chinese-style buildings built by Chinese players, but unfortunately I can’t share them across servers, I really It’s so greedy, let’s open it up for global sharing!”

As soon as the “copy” function was released, foreigners have been obsessed with the dust song pot built by Chinese players. That’s because the Chinese buildings built by the dust song pot bosses shocked many foreign players – the Yellow Crane Tower, the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, Only players can’t think of it, there is nothing “Yuan Shen” dust song pot can’t do.

(Artist: DS Mairu)

“Wind-Xiaochen” claims to be an outrageous home designer. By sharing his beautiful dust song pot and attracting 300,000 fans, he built ancient buildings such as the Stork Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, and Tengwang Pavilion. The place where the poet Wen Si springs up, and shared his own construction plan on the Internet – you can also climb the ancient building that climbs high and far in the mainland of Tivat. Would it be easier for everyone to memorize poems?

The “glasses to confirm the survival” built a palace in the dust song pot, even the main hall and the side halls are all complete, go home every day and go up the stairs, just like the emperor going to court, experience the sense of accomplishment of the king’s landing , it’s really enjoyable.

However, when most Internet players were still greedy for the majesty of Chinese architecture, a foreign player on Twitter couldn’t sit still for a long time. He couldn’t help himself and built the Great Wall in the dust song pot. This magnificent momentum made all Chinese players sigh: “Thanks to Yuanshen’s load limit, or the boss will have to re-engraved the entire Tivat!”

It can only be said that the ancient buildings in China’s 5,000-year history are so beautiful that players of “Yuan Shen” scramble to re-enact them in the dust song pot, showing the ultimate oriental beauty, and even foreigners are impressed. Such a cross-border exchange , but also the positive significance of games as a cultural carrier.

(painter: paper money paper money)

I must wait until the “copy” function is officially launched, and there will be more bigwigs on the Internet to share their own Chinese wind and dust song pots, making it easier for foreigners to “carry” to their homes, and look forward to the official launch of one-click replica!