On the 17th World Stroke Day, the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University Held Health Science Popularization Public Welfare Cloud Education Activity

October 29, 2022 is the 17th “World Stroke Day”. This year’s theme is: Recognize stroke symptoms and seize precious time. The slogan is race against time and save lives. In order to implement the spirit of the national “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)” document, the Department of Neurology of the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University joined hands with neurosurgery experts to jointly participate in the cloud public welfare publicity and education activities for stroke health science.

The missionary activity officially started at 9:00 on October 29, and was co-chaired by Professor Duan Shurong and Professor Zhong Di of the Department of Neurology. Pan Yu, vice president of the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University, delivered a speech first. On behalf of the hospital, he expressed his strong support for the event and emphasized the importance of mission. Professor Zhong Di introduced the general situation of the department and the progress of stroke prevention and treatment. Prof. Chi Lijun introduced the concept and epidemiology of stroke, Prof. Yao Lifen and Prof. Zhang Zhongling explained the risk factors and etiology of stroke, Prof. Su Zhiqiang analyzed the symptoms of stroke and emphasized the idea that time is the brain, Prof. Tang Ying and Prof. Zhang Guang explained the risk factors and causes of stroke. Thrombosis and arterial thrombectomy were shared. Professor Feng Honglin explained the choice of antiplatelet therapy in the acute phase. Professor Pan Yujun and Professor Pan Yonghui discussed how to manage blood pressure and blood lipids. Finally, Professor Xu Shancai and Professor Duan Shurong discussed the treatment of aneurysm respectively. and post-stroke cognitive impairment. The lectures by the lecturers are serious and meticulous, with pictures and texts that are easy to understand. More than 2,000 people participated in this missionary activity online.

Professor Duan Shurong introduced that stroke, also known as cerebral apoplexy, is a common disease that seriously endangers human health, including ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Stroke has the characteristics of high morbidity, high mortality, high disability rate and high recurrence rate. The purpose of this activity is to effectively control the high-risk factors of stroke, improve the people’s ability to recognize stroke, treat them in a timely manner, and standardize secondary prevention, so as to prevent stroke and reduce disability and death caused by stroke, which is of positive significance.

Source: Harbin Medical University First Hospital

Author: Zhong Di

Trainee Editor: Zhao Xirui