Omimi posted Uzi’s medical report, has she slowly become healthy? Probably won’t be back

Although professional players seem to sit in front of the computer and play games every day, it seems very relaxed, but in fact, high-intensity training has also brought injuries to many professional players. Most professional players have hand injuries and back injuries, because sitting and standing for a long time will put a lot of pressure on the back and arms. It may be fine for a year or two, but some players play. It may have been five or six years. At this time, their physical load is also very large.

Omimi posted Uzi’s medical report, has she slowly become healthy? But probably won’t be back on the field!

Some players even suffer from injuries due to their own reasons. For example, Uzi, when he was playing professionally, suffered from diabetes because of his body type. This is a big deal for him. Tortured, because at the time he was going to play a career and at the same time also need medical treatment, but the pressure on the puppy in the S9 year was already very great. In the end, after getting nothing in that year, he finally left the arena and announced retired.

During the period of retirement, Uzi insisted on exercising every day and took care of his diet, all of which were done in order to return to the game. During the transfer period last year, BLG announced the introduction of Uzi, so the puppy returned to the game, but unfortunately, he did not play too many games in BLG, so he left the game helplessly. I don’t know how long it will take to leave this time. Uzi seems to have become a full-time anchor now, only broadcasting to everyone and not talking about returning to the arena.

Uzi has achieved “diet freedom”? After becoming a father, it may be difficult to go professional again!

But recently, Omimi also brought good news to everyone. She posted Uzi’s recent diagnosis on Weibo and gave the puppy’s medical report. The blood sugar has returned to normal, but she still needs to continue to persevere. , after all , lower is better for diabetics . Recently, many netizens said that the puppy has lost weight, because he goes to training every Wednesday, and also goes back to play football or it is useful in sports.

At present, puppies have achieved “diet freedom”. Except for desserts, they are no longer taboo to many foods as before, so they need to pay attention. At the same time, Omimi also hopes that everyone can keep exercising more like Uzi, so as to maintain a healthy body. This is also very good news for the majority of netizens. After all, the current Uzi has gradually become healthy, and we can see a better Uzi in the future.

But many netizens are also curious, can Uzi return to the professional arena later? At present, this opportunity is still very slim. After all, the puppy has become a father himself, and his body is slowly improving. It is better to be a full-time anchor and enjoy life in the days to come. Playing a career will not only put a lot of load on your body, but also put a lot of pressure on your own psychology when facing a lot of public opinion , so it is better to do live broadcasts seriously. I don’t know what everyone thinks?