OMG|Look at Zhao Lusi drying cinnamon rolls, it turns out that sweet girls have bread heads

As for what we have in common with Tianmei, let me first say one:

Have the same bread head!

Look at the first cinnamon roll that appeared in Zhao Lusi’s Plog;

And the whole-wheat fat-reducing buns that she shares every day;

Little Rainbow Xu Mengjie’s new Internet celebrity dessert: Hagrid’s cake;

There is also Nabi’s same croissant whose butter scent is about to overflow the screen.

When the weather turns cold, Breadman Bread Soul, passing by the bakery, is fascinated by the smell of bread, who can resist the freshly baked and steaming bread? The outer skin is crispy to the point of slag, and the inside is sweet and soft. Every bite is a collision of layers, and it is full of happiness.

Delicate little cuties are lined up on the counter, warm, healing and soft. Simple dough can change into a variety of rich tastes. As a qualified baker, can they quickly call their names when they see the round and plump ones? Seeing it does not mean understanding it, if you like to eat it, you must know how to eat it. The one-minute bread head literacy zone, the advanced path of carbohydrates, look here!

cinnamon rolls

Image source: Xiaohongshu @Sweet-Struggle

Keyword: Sweden’s crown of bread

Identification with naked eyes: “Big flower roll”, circles and circles, interlocking, delicious is rolled out.

Taste bud experience: The first taste is spicy, then the aroma of cinnamon overflows, and the topping syrup is sweet to the heart.

Best pairing : a cup of black coffee or a cup of hot black tea

Some myths: Cinnamon powder in cinnamon rolls can increase the rate of fat burning and aid in fat loss.


Image source: [email protected]一夏夏

Key words: the originator of French pastry

Visual identification: It looks like a cow’s horn or a sheep’s horn, and it is honeycomb-shaped when cut.

Taste bud experience: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, buttery and milky.

Best match: Croissants that don’t burst can’t be called chubby

Some fallacies: the “scumbag ” in the baking industry, Su Gan is full but the scum falls off when he touches it.

Image source: [email protected]一夏夏


Image source: Xiaohongshu @Flora’s little life

Keywords: flatbread & pizza ancestors

Identification with the naked eye: “pizza” with a thick bottom, covered with all kinds of meat, vegetables and cheese, olive oil and spices are the soul.

Taste bud experience: The olive oil is fragrant, chewy like naan, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, like a pancake whose skin is soaked in oil and crispy after baking.

Best pairing: a glass of espresso or sparkling wine

Some myths: Homemade focaccia, everyone can become a creative food artist.

Source: Xiaohongshu @Mocha tl

Source: Xiaohongshu @AmandaHK


Image source: [email protected] Kitten

Keyword: Italian classic “Cabaaba”

Visual identification: The flat version of the “French stick” looks ordinary on the outside, but it is actually riddled with holes. It can be summed up in one sentence: rude and connotative.

Taste bud experience: The wonderful taste of tenacity and stickiness coexists, it is dry and fragrant, but the more you chew, the more fragrant.

Best pairing: dip in soup or vinegar, the best partner for sandwich skins.

Some fallacies: the gift of fat-reducing stars

Image source: [email protected]_


Image source: Xiaohongshu @il_yoo

Keyword: current popular bread trends

Visual identification: It looks like a lady in the bread world: the skin is smooth and no pores can be seen, the skin is firm and full, the kind that has just been done with a facelift.

Taste bud experience: The Q bomb is chewy and needs to be “pulled” between the teeth with it.

Best pairing : cut in half and spread with cheese! (Inner Top1! Nominate Tims!)

Some myths: Donut’s twin sister is also somewhat related to Hamburger embryo.


Image source: [email protected] me 778

Keywords: Another popular bread trend of the moment

Visual identification: the traditional one is small triangle, square is also very common, the shape is random, but simple and delicious.

Taste bud experience: Soft&Fluffy&Crumble

Best match: A cup of black tea or milk tea and a small sip of scones, suitable for nibbling slowly.

Some myths: In addition to being fresh from the oven, frozen and refried tastes the best.

To say which type of bread is the most not to be missed in autumn and winter, Ben CO must vote for cinnamon rolls! The smell of cinnamon wafts in the house, and when you bite into it, your whole body feels warm. This is the magic of autumn and winter desserts.

Image source: [email protected] Kaimei Ah-

Sweet girl Ruth is really good at digging treasures. The same cinnamon roll is really Ben CO’s favorite. The layers of caramel shells are sprinkled with pecans, and the rich creamy sauce pours down from the top layer. When you bite into it, you can feel the hot sweetness. It is the feeling of being surrounded by happiness. Sweet sisters rush this.

Image source: [email protected] Kaimei Ah-

Dayou·M Natural

Ugly but delicious cinnamon rolls

Reference price: 28 yuan

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi’s bakery in Sanlitun also launched their signature cinnamon rolls. Dayou’s is suitable for cutting with a knife and fork. It is an exquisite way to eat afternoon tea, and this one is an intuitive and rude delicacy. Uncover it from the outermost side and eat it layer by layer with your hands. The soft bread body is covered with cinnamon. When you take a bite, the aroma of cinnamon sauce fills your lips and teeth.

Image source: [email protected]王月月

there will be bread

cinnamon rolls

Reference price: 22 yuan

There is also this unusual cinnamon roll, which is also a popular player in the Internet celebrity world. Different from the traditional crispy cinnamon rolls, its texture is between crispy croissants and torn bread. It looks like a muffin cake, with cinnamon powder and yogurt cheese sprinkled on the top. can try their home.

Image source: Xiaohongshu @Soda to be self-disciplined


Cinnamon roll

Reference price: 25 yuan

In autumn, when you post autumn fat, cinnamon stars come to report and tell us which cinnamon rolls are in your hearts!