“Officially announced” assassination, the deputy director of the Ukrainian intelligence agency admitted: Putin is the number one assassination target

From the recent conflicts, it can be seen that Ukraine has fired a “real fire”. In the past period of time, Ukrainian intelligence personnel sneaked into Ukraine to carry out the mission of “attacking nuclear facilities”, and then there was news that Ukrainian saboteurs invaded Russia, which made the cessation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict once again nowhere in sight. In fact, the conflict between the two countries is more than that. Just like the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency, it has officially announced important news-Putin is their number one “assassination target”.

russian president putin

World Wide Web reported that recently, in an interview with the German media, the deputy director of the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency revealed an important news, which once again triggered tension between Russia and Ukraine. He told the media that Putin is the primary target on their agency’s assassination list, and killing Putin is their important task, which can end Russia’s “aggression” against Ukraine. After the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, Ukrainian officials called Putin a “war starter.”

Not only that, but the deputy director of the Ukrainian intelligence agency also emphasized that the Ukrainian intelligence agency is constantly “closer” to Putin because the assassination mission is slowly becoming successful. Not only that, Ukraine also wanted to assassinate several other senior Russian officials-the Russian Defense Minister, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, and the founder of the Russian private military group. Obviously, people who are now playing an important role in Russia’s military operations have all been on Ukraine’s assassination list.

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service

The release of this news once again aroused the attention and discussion of the international community. The Russian side responded that the announcement by the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency is a manifestation of “terrorism”. Ukraine is no longer hiding it, but Ukraine is doomed to fail because Russia will protect the safety of Putin and other officials. In fact, Russia does have the ability to prevent the Ukrainian attack.

Not long ago, a drone attacked the Kremlin, the target was Putin’s office, but before hitting the building, the drone was successfully shot down by the Russian side without causing major accidents. However, Russia should still attach great importance to the Ukrainian intelligence agency’s disclosure that “Putin is being assassinated”. Analysts said that Ukraine’s announcement of “assassination of Putin” at this time is to plunge Russia into a game between passive defense and active offense.

Photos of the attack on the Kremlin

On the other hand, the Ukrainian intelligence agency’s disclosure of this information may also be a signal. Western media commented that the Ukrainian intelligence agency’s remarks are likely to make Putin feel uncomfortable, because it shows that there may be leaks, internal resistance or divisions in Russia’s internal intelligence agencies. The Ukrainian side may hope to expose this information to incite possible friction within Russia, or to exert pressure, thereby reducing the pressure on itself.

Such an approach may also allow Putin to further strengthen the power and control of domestic intelligence agencies, thereby further stimulating the tension between Russia and Ukraine. In any case, the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency’s “officially announced assassination” has once again brought the tension between Ukraine and Russia to the forefront.

Russian Defense Minister is also on the “hit list”

Although the relationship between Ukraine and Russia has never been harmonious, under the joint effect of Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the United States’ strengthening support for Ukraine, this relationship is deteriorating day by day, and various contradictions and conflicts may also intensify. the danger of a large-scale war.

To put it bluntly, confrontation and the so-called “assassination” will not allow Ukraine to win at all, but will cause Ukraine to suffer stronger military blows. For Ukraine, the best way is always to negotiate, rather than follow the advice of Western countries and promote a military conflict with Russia.

Zelensky insists on fighting Russia

For Western countries, they can promote wars to gain huge benefits, and the price they pay is nothing more than some weapons and funds. But for Ukraine, the war will only make this country more difficult, and it will only make this country lose more things.