Official announcement! Ma Dongxi married his girlfriend Rui Chenghe, who was 17 years younger. Netizens: Uncle Ma married long ago?

It’s finally official! Ma Dong-seok, a rare tough guy in South Korea, recently announced that he had registered his marriage with his 17-year-old girlfriend Rui Chenghe last year!

In fact, the reaction of the first sister is the same as that of many netizens. Shouldn’t Uncle Ma get married long ago? ?

And it is said that Ma Dongxi also publicly sprinkled sugar while receiving the award.

At the 12th “Beautiful Artist Award” ceremony held in Godeok-dong, Seoul on the 20th, he said in a very calm tone: “Thank you to my colleagues in “Criminal City 2″ and my dear wife.”

△ Ma Dongxi was selected as this year’s “Film Artist” for his movie “Criminal City 2”.

“My dear wife” directly implies that Ma Dongxi and Rui Chenghe’s relationship has changed from boyfriend and girlfriend to official husband and wife.

Now the fans are directly frying! Who can stand such a tough guy with a big shoulder and a round waist to play this!

But having said that, Ma Dongxi himself is also very famous in the fitness circle. The two of them are also CPs who have been knocking for a long time by the first sister. Of course, they have to bless them when they succeed!

Korean Internet is full of blessings, but domestic netizens are obviously much more quick-witted.

Some netizens said that at first glance they thought that Ma Dong was getting married in Wuxi (poof…)

Some people think that Uncle Ma married a little girl under 18…

Some netizens called the couple “Beauty and the Beast” based on the difference in body shape between Ma Dongxi and Rui Chenghe.

Of course, many netizens have noticed Rui Chenghe’s figure~

Indeed, as early as many years ago, Rui Chenghe (also transliterated as Yi Zhenghua before) became popular in China as “the most beautiful physical education teacher in Korea”.

△ The above pictures of the gods, sisters have seen one or two~

Many netizens said that girls with this figure liked it very much.

Moreover, Rui Chenghe is also 34 this year, and her figure has not lost its peak. She still relies on reasonable exercise and diet.

The first sister knows that the sisters who often see the first sister all have a desire to get better in their hearts, but they can’t get through it when they say it.

A few days ago, my sister saw a lot of netizens on the Internet saying that they thought that the appetite was strong in winter, but the appetite in autumn was obviously stronger than that in winter.

I always feel that the beginning of autumn, as soon as the weather cools down, my appetite is like being unsealed, and I can eat it…

Some netizens also complained that they starved to death from the previous season

The increase in appetite brings about a dark increase in weight. Many people found that as soon as the recent National Day holiday passed, the weight was swishly long~

In just one week, some people gained four or five pounds, and some even gained one kilogram a day.

Good guy, I finally lost it in the summer. After a short holiday, I gave it all back. This is really the rhythm of breaking people down! !

Is this really the pot that increases appetite in autumn? ?

Today, the first sister will take the sisters to see why your appetite increases greatly in autumn? Is there any way to help us get through a fall without gaining weight?

why autumn appetite

Especially exuberant?

First of all, the strong appetite in autumn is actually a normal physiological phenomenon shared by human beings .

Just like in the culture of Neon Kingdom, the nickname of autumn is “Autumn of Appetite” (しょくよくのあき), which directly illustrates the inseparable relationship between autumn and appetite.

However, Neon people’s interpretation of “Autumn of Appetite” is that autumn is a season of harvest, so people’s appetite also increases greatly, so that they can taste the deliciousness of autumn.

Although this statement sounds romantic, it means that the phenomenon of autumn harvest and appetite is forced to cause and effect. From a theoretical point of view, the reference is not very high.

So the first sister found some scientific basis to explain “the appetite becomes strong after autumn”.

Next, I will analyze with you from a scientific point of view, what are the reasons for the sudden increase in appetite in autumn

1. Your ancestors made you fat

As soon as autumn arrives, we seem to have a preference for all kinds of high-carb and high-fat foods. Sweets and fatty meats that we don’t usually touch at all become particularly attractive in autumn.

Behind this is actually your survival instinct at work~

Two million years ago, the survival skills of primitive humans were not very good.

In winter, all animals hibernate, and primitive people often cannot catch prey, so food resources are quite short, and starvation is the norm.

However, human beings do not have hibernation function, nor can they automatically reduce the energy consumption of the body. They have to rely on the fat stored in the body to survive the winter.

As a primitive person, if you don’t have a good appetite in autumn and don’t have enough autumn fat, you will be eliminated in the cruel natural assessment in ancient times.

After the survival of the fittest again and again, the vast majority of those who survived are those who have a strong appetite in autumn and are close to autumn fat, and finally become our ancestors.

The survival skill of sticking to autumn fat has been engraved into our DNA.

2. Don’t be too simple to grow meat in autumn

The specific physiological manifestation of post-autumn fat is the changes in body hormones in autumn , especially those hormones that are closely related to appetite.

△According to research, there is indeed an internal seasonal clock in the human body, which somehow regulates the changes of hormones in our body, so that it shows a seasonal pattern, and the variation range is about a few percent.

Take insulin, for example. During the cooling period in autumn, the sensitivity of insulin in our body will decrease , and the phenomenon of “insulin-like resistance” will appear, and insulin will become passive.

The task of insulin itself is to lower blood sugar and synthesize glycogen, fat, and protein. If it works inefficiently, it will produce a series of physiological reactions.

△ The action process of insulin.

The first is that the pancreas thinks that there is not enough insulin, so it secretes more insulin to work, which directly leads to an increase in fat synthesis and storage .

And during this time, the same calories, the body’s anabolic machinery will also tend to synthesize fat .

This makes it easier for the food we eat in the fall to be converted into fat, and it is easier to be labeled as autumn fat.

Insulin sluggishness leads to a decrease in insulin sensitivity, the body always does not feel that you are eating, and the hunger will also increase, so the appetite is bursting.

Craving for carbs, especially fast carbs. The most direct sources of carbohydrates like sweets and sugar are especially suitable for the needs of the body.

At the same time, the body’s parasympathetic excitation level is also increasing , the adrenaline level is increasing, and the gastrointestinal activity is in a more active state, which further makes us crave food more.

In addition, glucocorticoids, growth hormone-releasing peptides, leptin and other hormones that are also closely related to appetite will also be affected by the great cooling in autumn, eventually stimulating appetite.

The occurrence of all the above physiological processes makes our body not only have a strong appetite after entering the autumn, but also more easily convert the food in the stomach into fat…

3. Fall is easier to emo

Autumn is indeed a season that is easy to emo. Otherwise, do you think the ancients were full of sadness for autumn?

It’s because they really can’t control how much they send.

There are also physiological reasons behind the autumn emo .

One of the main factors is a decrease in serotonin levels .

In autumn, the daylight hours in the northern hemisphere are shorter, and the days are shorter and the nights longer. Insufficient light hours can lead to insufficient synthesis of vitamin D in our body and lower serotonin levels.

Serotonin is first and foremost related to mood, and a lack of serotonin can lead to depression and low mood .

So in the fall, many people, especially women (because women’s serotonin secretion itself is less than men’s), have more late-night emo moments.

Serotonin itself has the effect of inhibiting eating , and a lack of serotonin will make us want to eat more.

△ Similar to mammals, Drosophila serotonergic neurons strongly inhibit feeding when activated.

And depression itself can easily make us use food to relieve our worries, emotional eating behaviors, and even overeating .

After a crazy intake, food not only makes our brain secrete dopamine, but also promotes the secretion of serotonin .

So the body is more dependent on food (especially sweets) to relieve emo.

Thus, the emo loop is opened.

First, low serotonin + autumn emo, then I couldn’t help overeating. After eating, I felt very guilty. Not long after I emo again, I couldn’t help but eat, and emo, and then eat, in emo…

4. You suddenly don’t like water in autumn

When the autumn is dry, the body is easy to be dehydrated, and dehydrated is easy to be hungry. After reading the sisters, you may say, if you lack water, drink water?

But some people don’t like drinking water in autumn.

This is because when the weather is cold, the human body will have an adaptive physiological phenomenon under the stimulation of cold, which is called “cold diuresis” in medicine .

To put it bluntly, when it’s cold, I want to pee when I drink some water…

People who don’t like to drink water in autumn are often too lazy to go to the toilet and simply drink less water, so the body is short of water.

But the first sister has said before that the brain sometimes loses its IQ and often mistakenly treats “thirst” as “hunger” .

It’s good to drink some water when you’re thirsty, but your brain may be directing you to eat, which gives you another sense of increased appetite.

After adding up the above 4 reasons, 80% of people cannot escape the natural law of post-autumn fat…

However, the first sister also has to tell the good news to her sisters. Posting autumn fat is really only for autumn. In winter, this strong appetite will improve .

But in line with the principle of “less fat is a successful weight loss”, are there some ways to help us get through this period of post-autumn fat?

how can

Post less autumn fat?

The first sister knew that the sisters were most looking forward to this part, so of course she also prepared a set of “Fall Fat Prevention”.

If you want to avoid the natural law of post-autumn fat, pay attention to the following points~

1. Diet

Provide yourself with more foods that can raise your body temperature in your diet, such as whole grains, chili peppers, ginger/turmeric powder, coconut oil, etc.

In order to alleviate the EMO mood caused by insufficient light and vitamin D deficiency, additional fish oil can be supplemented to improve this condition.

In addition , high-purity dark chocolate contains serotonin, which also helps improve mood. Dark chocolate can be arranged every day~

Then, in autumn, you can drink more soup , which not only fills the stomach, but also directly replenishes water.

After drinking it, the stomach is warm, and the body temperature is also raised, which serves multiple purposes.

However, considering the glycemic index (GI), the first sister suggested that everyone should choose salty soup (loofah soup, egg drop soup, etc.).

Dietary methods can also be considered almighty light fasting , light fasting can also effectively improve insulin sensitivity.

2. Sports

Exercise plays a very important role in fighting against the fall fat. All the reasons for the fall fat mentioned in the first part can be eliminated through exercise.

Exercise can raise the body temperature . After a period of aerobics, you and others are people of two seasons, you are still shivering in the cold in a padded jacket, and you are still strong in short sleeves!

Once the body temperature rises, it won’t go around looking for food because of the cold~

Exercise also improves insulin sensitivity , especially strength training and endurance training (distance running) , which are particularly good at this.

Then , exercise can secrete endorphins, which directly resist emo emotions .

One sister has prepared a set of the most classic dumbbell exercises for sisters here , which can be used as an introductory tutorial for strength training.

3. Other aspects

Finally, there are some small points to pay attention to, such as getting more sun , which can help improve the mood of depression in autumn.

There is also a thicker layer to maintain body temperature (mother’s serious face.jpg). Some netizens have personally tested and said that wearing a thick layer can effectively prevent fast hunger

If it’s too much trouble, don’t forget to drink more hot water ! There is no more direct way to hydrate and raise body temperature than drinking hot water~

That’s all for today’s dry goods, sisters who are troubled by appetite, try it!