“OFFER2 for all girls”: Rectify the names of female executives and let the brand be seen

“I’m so nervous that I haven’t eaten much today,” the girl in front of her, wearing a black slim-fit dress, stiletto heels, and a bun behind her head, greeted everyone gently, “I brought some small A gift for you, a custom bottle of essential oils each.” 

“Boss Liu really knows how to do business,” Li Jiaqi said to the monitor off-screen. The girl is called Liu Qianfei, and “Boss Liu” is her second identity since 2015. That year, she gave up her high-paying job in an investment bank, started her own business from scratch, and established the domestic aromatherapy skin care brand “Zhiben”. The essential oil she brought this time is the ace product of every book.

As the founder and CEO of the brand, this is Liu Qianfei’s second year on the stage of the variety show “OFFER for All Girls”.

“All girls” are the four words Li Jiaqi says most often. He always puts the needs of consumers first, so that girls across the screen feel “seen”. And now, Li Jiaqi lets everyone see “all girls” no longer just consumers. “OFFER2 for All Girls” was launched, and many female executives like Liu Qianfei came to the show. They represented the brands behind them, and they shined between the square inches of the negotiating table in front of them.

What kind of show is this? It is a variety show focusing on the brand OFFER, a reality show in the workplace, and also allows the audience to see the real charm of women in the workplace in the real world.

Name the female executives

The TV drama “Mr. from the East Eighth District”, which was previously removed from the shelves, broke a new low on Douban, and its demonized description of the psychology of women in the workplace made people sigh. It turns out that many people still have such a one-sided understanding of the image of female executives. This is not an exception. The “female executives” in most workplace dramas are always expressionless and resolute, either like a work machine covered in professional attire, or they are always limited by “strong women and weak men” family chores middle. 

The variety show “OFFER 2 for All Girls” produced by Meiwiao, a leading agency of live e-commerce, without a star cast, unexpectedly changed the name of female executives: How many personalities of “all girls” are female executives? How many types will there be, they are not “dummy” carved out of a mold.

Before Double 11 started, the founders have made a huge circle of fans. Liu Qianfei has the same tonality as the brand of “Zhuben”, chasing after the original heart, gentle and powerful. As soon as she debuted, she generously gave each boss a bottle of essential oils carefully customized by her company, which not only promoted the product, but also thoughtful.

At the beginning of the show, representatives of several brands gathered together. Before Li Jiaqi and Wangwang appeared, she acted as the “host” at the scene, taking care of brand representatives who had no chance to speak at any time. Feishan, the co-founder of Huaxizi, is a “social fear”. Facing the hot chatting of other bosses, Liu Qianfei took the initiative to send a message to Feishan: “Interview with Teacher Feishan, what is your mentality this year? Are you right?” In his speech and manners, he was always humble and gentle, while taking into account the feelings of everyone at the scene. A netizen commented on this: “The performance of the boss by the book is elegant and grand, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.”

As a new domestic product, Zushiben is still a very young brand, and its popularity is not high. When Liu Qianfei talked about OFFER, her attitude was also very sincere: “Zhouben has gone from being unknown to the present, so we are still the same as last year. , as long as we can continue to maintain one by one, our sincerity will always be full.” In the show, Liu Qianfei expressed her consideration from the perspective of consumers, so after the show was broadcast, it immediately received a lot of positive feedback. “Sincereness is a nirvana, and it can be seen that it is very attentive.” Many netizens said in the barrage.

And Sisley’s e-commerce director Lucia, who came to the scene, is a completely different style.

Lucia is more like a “talk show” than a negotiation. Introducing the product at the beginning, she and Kane, a professional brand teacher, teased and cheered, and directly turned the booth into a “mancai” stage. Lucia, who is very friendly, can be called the “King of Terriers”; Li Jiaqi praised her “I like listening to you”, she immediately answered “I dare not speak”; to test how much her brand discount can give, she replied “Look at my eyes” The sincerity in the heart”; let’s say that I will send a whole bottle this year, but Li Jiaqi found out that she sent three bottles directly last year, she picked up the teacup and said “I was found”…

The two sides saw the tricks, you came and I went, the atmosphere was relaxed and active, even Li Jiaqi said: “I think with you today, I will become a comedian.”

Although she likes to joke, Lucia never makes a grandstanding. When negotiating, she has clear logic and quick response. The one-liners reveal professional information. For example, Li Jiaqi said that he hoped to get the same product as the Sisley lotion, and Lucia followed suit and recommended other products: “But the lotion can’t be used alone, and the flower water is its best partner.” When Jiaqi agreed to sell the flower water together , but further put forward the condition that when Sisley “since it is so easy to use, just give a whole bottle”, Lucia subtly declined: “If there is a whole bottle – it may not be so much.” It not only strengthened the brand’s position, but also used Jokes lighten the mood, keep the bottom line while keeping humor and sanity.

It is also an international big name, and the brand general manager of MAC, Breah, refuses to be so “euphemistic”. Breah’s external image may be the most in line with the general audience’s impression of “female executives”, black suits, black trousers, and the sound of high heels hitting the ground can be heard before they appear, and the aura is powerful. Skilled and sassy.

Breah called out “Jia Qi” at the negotiating table, and the well-informed “Old Man Li” shuddered: “It feels like the head teacher is calling my name.” “That’s what they call me,” Breah said with a smile. “I’m the head teacher.”

The colleague was moved by Li Jiaqi, and Breah said, “Are you undercover?” Both sides joked that MAC’s “undercover” would go to work in Jiaqi’s team after Double 11, Breah directly “cold face”: “Then you talk about it. Let’s do it.” Li Jiaqi wanted to talk about the price of lipsticks at 180 yuan per stick, and Breah performed the “Smile Disappearance Technique” on the spot: “This is not good.” He firmly refused, did not emphasize the face project, and acted decisively. .

Gentle and elegant, humorous, sassy, ​​capable, warm and sincere… No matter what kind of personality and negotiation style, these female executives have one thing in common: strong.

“They are colorful and glowing, and they won’t be higher than anyone’s heels.” In such a program for “all girls”, you can see such a group of sparkling women, which can subtly influence many young girls. , Set up your own career goals, work and live with swagger.

Let the brand be “seen”

“Offer of All Girls” was broadcast for the first time last year. It is the first experimental variety show in China that focuses on the brand OFFER produced by MeiWao. It aims to reveal the behind-the-scenes of the e-commerce anchor Li Jiaqi negotiating the double 11 promotion OFFER for all girls. Li Jiaqi faced the scene where the brand owner helped “all girls” get benefits.

The direct purpose of the program is to win the Double 11 “OFFER” that will satisfy “all girls”, but at the same time, it will also allow the audience to have a more comprehensive understanding of the brand, enhance brand exposure, and warm up for Double 11.

“Li Jiaqi said last year that he wanted to make the book out of the circle, and let the book be used by more people,” Liu Qianfei said in the first issue of this season’s show: “He really did it.”

In the first season of the show, it achieved a good score of 7.4 points on Douban, and the return of the second season is also expected. On October 9 this year, “OFFER 2 for All Girls” was officially broadcast. The first issue gathered 9 major beauty and skin care brands that participated in the previous season. Different from the way that Li Jiaqi went to major brand companies to negotiate in the first season, the brand representatives of the second season confronted the Jiaqi team head-to-head in a brand new shooting location.

In addition to the charm of female executives and the skills of workplace negotiation, the program also presents the opportunities and pressures faced by brands when preparing for Double 11. Double 11 is a shopping carnival. Ordinary consumers only know that this is a good time for businesses to promote their products once a year, but they do not know that brands are also facing huge pressure.

In the fifth episode of the show, Li Jiaqi pointed out the current problems faced by the Han Shu brand on the spot, and even said that the representative of Han Shu cried. “What is Han Shu? So far I can only think of Han Shu with two words: price and countless gifts,” Li Jiaqi pointed out during the negotiation, “I also saw your store just now, all your products, are there any It’s a complete set. What exactly is Han Shu pushing? Or what other people are selling, so let’s do a replacement? I think we still have to rely on the brand’s own hard power, which is more suitable for the long-term development of the brand. the way.”

There have been many domestic brands out of the circle in the past two years, but when others mention Han Shu, they can hardly name a representative product. “I think you are tired too, you should also give a lot of things,” Li Jiaqi said bluntly to the brand representative of Han Shu, “So I don’t want to see the second best domestic brand, and it is already on the market. Brands that have been around for many years have become vulnerable because of price.”

After pointing out the problem, Li Jiaqi also gave advice with his own expertise and experience: Blue Copper Peptide may be the next opportunity for Han Shu, and Han Shu should establish the position of Blue Copper Peptide Water Emulsion in the entire industry first, so that this Set of products out of the circle.

The old domestic products are facing the dilemma of stagnation, and the new domestic products also have their own difficulties.

First of all, when small brands face large-scale shopping festivals such as Double 11, their inventory cannot keep up. Last year, Li Jiaqi let Zhuben out of the circle in the live broadcast room. This year, Li Jiaqi said in the show that he feels that he still has the ability to continue to grow the new customers of Zhuben, which is also an opportunity for Zhuben.

Now many people mention one by one, knowing that this is a very cost-effective cleansing oil, but most of them do not know that there are more aromatherapy behind the brand. During the negotiation, the founder proposed that “this year we have also brought better makeup removal and emulsifying strength”, which was refuted by Li Jiaqi: “These can only be known after consumers get their hands on it.” This double 11, for each book, , is also a new battle. The brand will let more consumers know that there are other easy-to-use products in addition to cleansing oil through Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room.

“I’m moved to see it, cheer up one by one!” Some netizens left such a barrage when recommending their masks to Li Jiaqi one by one. For the brand side, “OFFER2 for All Girls” is not only an opportunity to promote Double 11 discounts and pre-heating, but also a platform to highlight the brand’s tonality and corporate culture.

The two seasons of “OFFER for All Girls” have transformed the preparatory work for the shopping festival into a variety show, which not only translates professional content into “popular language” more vividly and intuitively, but also fully shows the behind-the-scenes story of Li Jiaqi’s talk about OFFER and brings the brand closer The distance between the party and the consumer also makes the “trust” chip more important.

As Liu Qianfei said, “All the girls in Li Jiaqi are also all the girls who follow each other. I hope that all the girls can give each other a little more time, so that we can become better and stronger, so that everyone can be willing to put their own face, Give it to this brand with peace of mind.” For brands, cooperating with live broadcast e-commerce is not just a simple channel, but an effective communication channel with consumers of 1+1>2.

This is also the original intention of “OFFER2 for all girls”. “All girls” refers not only to consumers in the live broadcast room, but also to the brand side – this is a big promotion OFFER for consumers, but also a An opportunity OFFER that gives the brand a new opportunity to break the circle.