O2Box Hyperbaric Chamber Lecture Hall: Why is health reserve more important than monetary reserve?

As the saying goes: If you have nothing, you will not be sick, and if you have nothing, you will have no money.

When I was young, I worked hard to earn money and save in order to be able to take care of my family and to allow myself to spend my old age stably in the future. The more savings we have, the more opportunities we have for a happy life and old age. But it’s not just money to save, but also health. Because an inadvertent accident can make the money reserve zero, and health is one’s own, and no one will take it away. Only with the 1 of health, the 0 of money has the meaning and value of existence.

Health is blessing, and saving health is saving happiness. The health reserve we call is the physiological reserve, which is called the steady state reserve in medicine. This reserve account needs to maintain a balance of payments and maintain a steady state. It is a dynamic process. Favorable factors increase reserves, and unfavorable habits, etc., consume reserves. And aging itself is a kind of chronic consumption. Because as we grow older, we are affected by environmental pollution, radiation, ultraviolet rays, viruses and germs, and poor lifestyles. Our immunity will continue to decline, and our health reserves will be slowly depleted. With the loss of physiological storage, the health account becomes fragile, susceptible to many diseases, and difficult to heal.

If you can develop the habit of regular health saving at a young age, you can reap large health benefits in the future. This requires opening up sources and reducing expenditures and taking precautions. Open source means to do as many things as possible for good health, reasonable diet, exercise, will training, and healthy social interaction. Throttling is to reduce unnatural wear and tear such as staying up late, alcoholism, smoking, and reducing, and try to delay debilitation.

Thanks to the development of science and technology, in addition to changing our living habits, we can also use modern technology to increase the supply and utilization of oxygen, and dynamically replenish our account balance. The mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to help the blood supply and oxygen concentration of tissue cells to increase their energy synthesis through a high-pressure environment, increase metabolism, cell division and proliferation, accelerate growth rate, and enhance the functions of systems, organs, and tissues and organs as a whole. So as to achieve the purpose of enhancing immunity and helping to delay aging. In 2020, Israeli scientists proved this with experimental data: 35 elderly people over 64 received hyperbaric oxygen therapy once a day, 5 times a week, for 12 consecutive weeks. After 60 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, two key aging indicators of telomere length and senescent cells were reversed in the elderly!

Using the principle of hyperbaric oxygen technology, the micro-hyperbaric oxygen chamber forms dissolved oxygen in a micro-hyperbaric oxygen-enriched environment, which is transported to human organs and tissues and capillary ends through the respiratory and microcirculation system, greatly improving blood oxygen tension and increasing tissue oxygen content. Harmonious oxygen reserves, speed up metabolism, achieve the purpose of assisting health preservation, optimize the allocation of healthy assets for us, and make the account interest high.

Reserve “resources” for physical health as soon as possible when you have the ability, which has become an inevitable choice for people who pursue a quality life. O2Box, a Japanese technology brand for more than 20 years, has been recommended by many celebrities, athletes, and social and business celebrities for its excellent quality. Its convenient operation and good health savings have also become the reasons why many families choose hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The city operation centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Harbin, Qingdao, Jinan, Sanya, Hohhot have been opened successively, and the operation centers in Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities are also in hot preparations. Please come to the cabin to experience it and keep your health account full for yourself and your family!