O Sister Muscle Research Institute | Solve the three sensitive problems, come to the doctor to copy the answer!

Sensitive skin has always been a “refractory disease” that plagues urban people, and I don’t know when it started. In addition to the common dry and sensitive skin, there are more and more oily skin. Some sisters even developed acne without even mentioning oil sensitivity. … Obviously my skin care products have been upgraded all the time, and I have learned a lot of skin care tips from major bloggers, but why does putting them on my face have the opposite effect? ?

What is the reason for our skin condition getting worse and worse, and how to improve it scientifically? It is the season of autumn dryness, how to stabilize the small emotions of the skin and let oneself pass peacefully?

Let the doctor sit down and solve your three sensitive troubles one by one today! Let’s see what our new friend Dr. Zhao Ling has to say~


Causes of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be caused by different skin conditions, both congenital and acquired. Come and find out what’s causing your sensitive condition~

Q: The cause of dry sensitive skin – most of them are congenital

Dry and sensitive skin is mainly caused by lack of water, and congenital factors account for a large proportion. For example, the innate stratum corneum brick wall structure of the skin is relatively weak, and the natural moisturizing factors at the skin level are also less. When stimulated by external physicochemical (physical, chemical) factors, such as excessive ultraviolet radiation, stimulation of certain cosmetic ingredients Or the dry climate in autumn and winter will cause some skin to be dry, tight, flushed, and even tingling, hot, or peeling.

Q: The cause of oily skin – acquired sperm

Oily skin is dry on the outside and oily on the inside, which is more caused by improper skin care the day after tomorrow. Generally speaking, the stratum corneum of oily skin is thicker, the sebum film is tougher, and it is not easy to produce sensitive phenomenon. However, due to improper skin care, such as excessive cleaning and acid brushing, excessive skin care, excessive use of some powerful products, wind and sun exposure, and failure to repair after medical art, etc., it will lead to the destruction of the sebum film, which will lead to oily skin. sensitive.

Q: The cause of oil sensitive acne – inflammation invasion

The barrier protection system of oil-sensitive skin is relatively weak. When the sebum film that maintains the stability of the skin’s pH value and inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms on the skin surface is damaged, bacteria are easy to invade and infect, resulting in inflammation and acne.  

Key points: Whether it is dry, oily, or oily acne-prone skin, there is a common cause, that is, the skin barrier is damaged . The main thing to do is to maintain and rebuild the skin barrier. The barrier refers to the skin stratum corneum barrier and the microbial barrier , that is, while repairing the skin stratum corneum, it also maintains the microbial homeostasis of skin cells. Only in this way can the skin barrier reach a healthy state and exert its own protective function, which can not only resist the invasion of external physical and chemical harmful factors, but also prevent the loss of nutrients and moisture in the body, so that the skin is in a healthy state.


How to do barrier repair ?

There are many products on the market that repair, maintain and rebuild the barrier. How should you choose according to your skin condition? How to plan your skincare routine? See what Dr. Zhao Ling said~

1. Dry and sensitive skin – moisturizing and locking in water

Dry and sensitive skin is mainly due to lack of water and inability to lock in water, so our focus should be on hydration and moisturizing. In the skin care process, you can choose moisturizing water + maintenance repair essence + repair cream, and periodically assist with a repairing mask with simplified ingredients.

2. Oil sensitive skin – water and oil balance

The formation of oil-sensitive skin is due to the dryness of external oil and internal drying, so we need to focus on oil control and hydration, and adjust the balance of water and oil. In the skin care process, you can choose moisturizing water + maintenance repair essence + repair lotion , emphasizing the simplicity and freshness of skin care.

3. Oily acne-prone skin – streamlined maintenance + micro-ecological care

If you have oily skin and acne, it is necessary to simplify your skin care. While stabilizing the barrier, you need to adjust the micro-ecological balance on the skin surface. Therefore, it is better to have some probiotic ingredients in the selected skin care products. The skin care process should be simplified as much as possible. You can choose moisturizing water + maintenance and repair essence to achieve simple and efficient.

Q: How to choose the right repair essence ?

Dr. Zhao Ling used the red ginseng extract of Tongrenbi when she chose products for three types of sensitive skin. She said that she was using this red ginseng extract recently. She has dry and sensitive skin. It feels very good in terms of feeling and skin repairing effect.

What’s so great about an essence? Dr. Zhao said: “First of all, it contains red ginseng. Compared with ordinary ginseng, red ginseng has higher content of saponins and polysaccharides. The high-grade red ginseng of the same origin in Zhengguanzhuang is also its only skin care brand. We all know that we have been doing research on red ginseng for more than a hundred years in Zhengguanzhuang, and I trust its brand endorsement.”

And this essence is actually the second-generation upgraded version of their red ginseng essence. In addition to red ginseng saponins, red ginseng root water, red ginseng essential oil, and red ginseng body fluid, these 4 core red ginseng ingredients are also added. Contains “Red Ginseng Probiotic Technology” and some herbal botanical compounds.

Q: What is “Red Ginseng Probiotic Technology”?

It is actually through the synergistic effect of red ginseng prebiotics and probiotics to regulate the micro-ecological environment of the skin, improve damaged skin from the source, and enhance skin immunity, so whether it is dry, oily or oily Acne, can well regulate the micro-ecological environment of the skin surface.

The texture is relatively thick, but it is very moisturizing and easy to absorb, which is very suitable for the dry weather in the north where autumn and winter alternate. The taste of red ginseng is also refreshing and pleasant, with a strong herbal taste.


Sensitive care advice from your doctor

Finally, for the sensitive skin made the day after tomorrow, Dr. Zhao Ling specially gave a set of precautions for daily maintenance. Everyone, please take notes well!


Stop over-cleaning, exfoliating, frequent home groomers

All sensitive skin conditions should not be “excessive”, and harsh skin care techniques and irritating ingredients must be resolutely avoided. After removing makeup, do not use facial cleanser for the so-called “secondary cleansing”, and slowly let the skin find its own rhythm before recovery. tough state.


Hydrate more and choose skin care products that are suitable for your skin

Water replenishment is also divided into internal and external adjustment. In addition to ensuring that the daily water intake is above 1500ml, the use of desktop humidifiers can also create a hydrating environment! When choosing a suitable moisturizing product, you should also pay attention to the simplicity of the ingredients. Do not over-apply a mask for moisturizing, because over-hydration of the skin will turn the tide!


Avoid excessive UV exposure and use sunscreen

Choose a sunscreen specially designed for sensitive skin. If your skin is particularly sensitive, you can use a wearable hard sunscreen instead. The effect of sunscreen will be better and the skin irritation will be much less.


Improve living habits, eat healthy

Going to bed early, getting up early and drinking more water is actually the most economical way to improve your skin condition. Try to make sure you fall asleep before 11 pm, eat more vegetables and fruits and less greasy sweets. If you stick to it for a period of time, not only your skin, but your whole body will be refreshed !

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