Notice! The centralized destruction in many places involves 4 types of electric two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles

Electric two-wheel and three-wheel non-motor vehicles are widely welcomed by the masses because of their convenient use and low purchase cost. However, it was not easy to standardize various types of electric non-motor vehicles before, resulting in the performance of many vehicles not up to the standard or exceeding the standard.

Electric vehicles are divided into national standard and over-standard. National standard vehicles are registered with official license plates, and over-standard vehicles are managed with a transition period, allowing them to continue to be used for 2 to 3 years.

2022 can be said to be a big year for over-standard car replacement. The transition period in many places will end this year. In order to better manage the electric vehicle market, some areas have also carried out centralized destruction activities.

Recently, Xian’an, Hubei has carried out a centralized destruction of scrapped motorcycles, and uniformly destroyed the vehicles that have reached the scrapping standard. Judging from the models that have been centrally destroyed in various places, including these four categories, there are electric two-, three-, and four-wheeled vehicles. Let’s see if your car is included.

Model 1: Over-standard car

Exceeding the standard car is also an unqualified vehicle. After the new national standard, electric vehicles have standards in terms of production parameters. Electric bicycles that do not meet this requirement will be included in the management of exceeding standard vehicles. Such vehicles are allowed to go on the road during the transition period. Once the transition period ends, they will all be prohibited from passing through, and illegal road trips will be confiscated until they are scrapped.

Model 2: Modified car

For privately changing the performance parameters, there is a safety hazard in the driving of the vehicle. Once the modified car is seized by the traffic police, it may face the risk of detaining the car. In some areas, such cars will be centrally destroyed after being detained.

After buying a car, consumers must not modify or install the car without authorization. In light of this, they will face fines, and in severe cases, they will directly detain the car, which is not worth the loss.

Model 3: Unlicensed car

All electric vehicles need to be listed on the road. Even if they exceed the standard, they can also hang a sign after registration. Unlicensed vehicles are essentially not eligible to go on the road. If this type of car is found to be a motor vehicle on the road, the owner will not only be fined, but also face demerit points.

Model 4: Unlicensed or permitted to drive

Except for electric bicycles and vehicles that exceed the standard, the rest like electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles all require a driving license. Driving without a license or not complying with the license will face corresponding penalties. Vehicles with serious circumstances are still at risk of being impounded, so be sure to obey traffic regulations and drive legally.