Not optimistic about JDG entering the finals! Doinb prediction: It’s a bit difficult for JDG to win T1, either 1-3 or 2-3

The semi-finals of the S12 World Championship are about to start. There is only one team left in the LPL division, JDG. In the semifinals, JDG will face the rumored invincible T1 in the training game. The pressure is very high and the difficulty is very high. Recently, Doinb predicted the semi-final between JDG and T1 based on some information he got during the live broadcast. He bluntly said that he was not optimistic about JDG entering the final.

Doinb’s speech during the live broadcast is as follows: I didn’t want to say it at first, but T1 is really in great shape. They are stronger than GEN now. I guess it should be that T1 will win JDG 3-1. I heard some situations from them. , I think so. If T1 wins the first game, it should be 3-1. If JDG wins the first game, then T1 will be 3-2. It is still difficult for JDG to win. BO5 is really difficult to win. T1, you will know when you watch the game. My top 8 predictions are all correct, and the score may not be correct, but I predict who will win and who will lose.

For another semi-final between GEN and DRX, doinb predicts: GEN should win 3-0, at most 3-1, because GEN’s hero pool is deeper.

doinb said that he was speculating based on some news, and the high probability is the training game news of the World Championship, which means that now T1 is the best team in the training game, even more powerful than GEN, so doinb is not optimistic about JDG. But you don’t need to worry too much, because doinb has predicted the ultimate poisonous milk in the group stage. It can be said that after Guan Zeyuan, doinb took over his job, so this wave of prediction results, whether right or wrong, Feelings can be interpreted. If the prediction is right, the training game information is accurate. If the prediction is wrong, the poisonous milk will break out.

Closer to home, from the perspective of the four teams in the quarter-finals, the strength of T1 is indeed not to be underestimated. They swept RNG 3-0, and there are still many tactics that have not been exposed, and although JDG also swept RGE 3-0. , but the strength of RGE can only be said to be general, not very informative. The most important thing is that T1’s current bot lane duo is in very good shape, and JDG just has problems in the bot lane. From the group stage to the top 8, Hope can be said to be the most unstable point of JDG’s performance, but it is T1’s top field. The strength is not bad, so if you look at the top 8 games, JDG is really not that easy to win.

But the situation in the semi-finals is definitely different from the quarter-finals. After such a long offseason, JDG must have made a lot of adjustments and responses to T1. I hope they can show it well in this semi-final. No matter how you predict before the game, it will not affect the result of the real game. I hope JDG will come on!

So, what do you have to say about this matter?