Not even the Himalayas? ! What kind of bag can you enter into the “Bag Museum”?


OMG! Love bag girls, what are you waiting for!

The popular bag exhibition that year came to China!

It’s the Bags: Inside Out exhibition at the British V&A Museum !

It is estimated that many people know that the V&A is a museum that many girls must check in when they go to the UK! He has held a lot of great art exhibitions and fashion exhibitions.

Like the 70th anniversary of Dior’s haute couture exhibition, the curious girl Alice, and the “inside the bag” exhibitions are particularly popular!

Just this year, the “Inside Out” exhibition finally traveled to China, and it was the first time it was exhibited in Asia!

I tell you, this exhibition is really amazing! Not only are there more than 240 exhibits from all over the world , but the years span from the 16th century to the present .

And each collection is a top one! Not based on price, but there are a lot of historic bags.

Bethan Laura Wood, Princess Diana, Rihanna, Grace Kelly (see note [1] for image source)

To be honest, it is very rare for me to witness so many amazing bags at one time!

And most proud of it! The unicorn D-Styling Bag I collaborated with TOD’S is also in this exhibition!

Ouch~ I’m so excited to say it! I can’t wait to see it myself! !

But before everyone sees it, Mr. Bao, as a bag expert, has selected some bags for everyone to talk about in advance~ 

In this way, when everyone is watching the exhibition, some preparations can also be seen more deeply!

Fendi Baguette

Many girls’ fashion enlightenment drama “Sex and the City”, the heroine Carrie’s most impressive bag in the play is probably Fendi Baguette !

Especially the scene of being robbed on the street is super classic, making Baguette instantly popular and become a generation of IT Bag!

At this time, Baugette has only been launched for 1 year!

Stills from Sex and the City

The “Inside the Bag” exhibition houses several Baguettes, including Carrie’s same purple sequin Baguette .

The scattered sequins are decorated on the slender baguette, like weaving a gorgeous dream, fashionable and full of desire.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hermès  Kelly

Hermès Kelly , who occupies an important position in the bag industry , also appeared in the “Inside the Bag” exhibition.

Kelly is actually a bag with a very long history in Hermès.

Designed in the 1930s by family descendant Robert Dumas-Hermès, it was originally named “Sac à Dépêches”, which means briefcase.

Later, in 1956, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco used this bag to cover her pregnant belly.

The elegant and generous image of the bag and the temperament of the princess complement each other, making girls at that time want to have such a bag.

Grace Kelly

Until 1977, with the consent of Princess Grace Kelly herself, we finally had our current Hermès Kelly !

Today’s Kelly bag is still the hottest bag of Hermès for decades, and it is also a symbol of low-key luxury.

The trapezoidal body and the single-handle design not only have a noble temperament like Princess Kelly, but also become a typical representative of the single-handle bag that everyone knows.

Gwyneth Paltrow

TOD’S×Mr. Bags

D-Styling Bag

I’m so proud of the bag I’m about to introduce next!

It’s the limited-edition unicorn D-Styling that I collaborated with TOD’S for 19 years !

As a fashion blogger and a big international brand, I have the honor to participate in the exhibition at the V&A Museum in the UK. It really makes me feel that my dream has come true. I am so excited!

When designing this bag at that time, I specially continued the color of the bag when I first cooperated with TOD’S.

The blue sky and white cloud-like color scheme has a very fresh and childlike atmosphere.

The handmade unicorn pendant is the finishing touch, hanging on the bag like flying~ I hope everyone who owns this bag will have a good mood every day!

Louis Vuitton

Malle Haute

Louis Vuitton’s most ceiling-level bag has always been a hard case !

After all, Louis Vuitton first made its fortune with hard cases, and with its top-notch craftsmanship and highly recognizable Monogram, it has become a symbol of luxury.

Coupled with the high price, it is a recognized trump card in many people’s hearts.

And in this “inside the bag” exhibition, a very powerful piece of Louis Vuitton Malle Haute luggage was collected .

This is a real “old antique” from 19th century American socialite Emilie Busbey Grigsby !

Emilie Busbey Grigsby

At that time, in order to be waterproof, the top design of the luggage was basically curved.

But Louis Vuitton’s hard case has an excellent waterproof design, so it can be made into a square shape, which can realize multiple hard cases stacking, which is more convenient during travel!

And Louis Vuitton’s luggage is also famous for its durability, so it became a very trusted travel companion for the nobles at that time~

Louis Vuitton

Monogram Mirror Speedy

In this “bag inside the bag” exhibition, there is only a very special bag from Louis Vuitton.

This is the Monogram Mirror Speedy , from the Marc Jcobs period 2016 autumn and winter series.

The Monogram with reflective effect makes Speedy, which was originally a simple bag, immediately become avant-garde, extravagant, and super eye-catching!

I believe that many girls who love bags know that this series was really a mess back then, and many stars have memorized it!

But the most famous ones are the pictures of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian carrying one gold and one silver Alma respectively.

The exaggerated bag type is matched with one piece, and now it does have the visual effect of Drama.

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian (see note [2] for the source of the picture)

Lady Dior

In this exhibition, there will also be many girls’ dream bags – the super classic Lady Dior .

Born in 1994, this bag was given to Princess Diana by the French First Lady as a gift when it was still called “Chouchou” .

Diana really loved this bag very much, and she carried it on various occasions, and it also made many people remember it.

Princess Diana

In 1996, after the consent of the princess herself, Lady Dior “Diana Bag” was officially named!

I have to say that the full cannage pattern with the double handle design, that kind of elegant and somewhat gorgeous and small angular temperament is really in line with Princess Diana herself.

In addition to the most classic five grids, there is also a large Lady Dior in collaboration with artist Marc Quinn in the “Inside the Bag” exhibition .

The cracked metal body is embossed with orchids, inspired by Marc Quinn’s Fossil Record – The Age of Aluminium.

The delicate bright silver body is romantic and technological, and it looks very dreamy.

Marc Quinn

Chanel “Milk Box”

In the 26 years in charge of Chanel, “Lafayette” Karl Lagerfeld has created countless amazing shows!

Among them, the 2014 autumn and winter became the megastore show.

There are a lot of supermarket-inspired items, including the “Milk Carton” dinner bag in this “Inside the Bag” exhibition ~

Chanel’s “milk carton” is really amazing!

Many stars have memorized it, and many people use it as a collection!

Kylie Jenner, Alma Jodorowsky, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The overall design of the bag really subverts everyone’s impression of traditional bags.

It completely restores the shape of the milk carton, coupled with Chanel’s iconic rhombus and pearl elements, it looks cute and full of humor.

I guess a lot of bag fans also know this bag! Now I can finally see it for real!

(See Note [3] for the source of the picture)

Mulberry Alexa

The super fashion icon Alexa Chung of the year, I believe that senior bag fans are very familiar with it!

But you know why Mulberry has a bag called Alexa?

In fact, it is precisely because Alexa Chung is often photographed carrying Mulberry Elkington out that it attracted the attention of the Mulberry design team.

Alexa Chung

So in 2010, they launched the Alexa series named after the fashion icon ~

The flap design of the bag has the temperament of Mulberry’s British academic school.

The soft and solid bag looks classic and casual, and it is even more retro under the embellishment of Postman’s Lock.

Launer Traviata

The British brand Launer , founded in 1941, is a veritable royal brand!

In the “Inside the Bag” exhibition, Launer’s very classic Traviata was collected .

The single-handle trapezoidal bag is matched with a geometric flip cover, and the middle is embellished with the brand’s iconic gold-plated α logo, which looks simple yet elegant.

Everyone who is familiar with it probably remembers that Traviata was a bag that Queen Elizabeth II loved very much when she was alive!

It is often worn on different occasions to match with her various colorful suits.

But unlike in the exhibition, the Queen’s version is a royal custom version, with a more slender handle that hangs gracefully on the arm.

Queen Elizabeth II

In addition to the various bags that are very important in history, the “Inside the Bag” exhibition also specially collected 10 pieces of Tang Wei’s handbags , and they are only displayed in the mainland!

A group photo of Tang Wei and Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing

There are the Chanel 2.55 wallet in the movie “Beijing meets Seattle”, the flower tote bag in “Full Moon Hennessy”, the Dior suitcase…

Through the bag can also show people’s character! You can go there and experience it for yourself~ 

Tang Wei

Speaking of which, are you, like me, wanting to rush to see the V&A “Inside Out” exhibition right away!

In fact, this exhibition has been held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou successively this year. Many bag fans who love bags are estimated to have already hit the card~ 

And now, the touring exhibition has finally come to Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu .

After arriving in Chengdu, the “Ins and Outs” exhibition has something different!

The Qingwa slope and fence in western Sichuan style, together with large area of ​​floor-to-ceiling glass, create a free and open exhibition space.

Let everyone feel the perfect combination of Chengdu tradition and modernity while looking at the bag~ 

At present, Chengdu’s “Ins and Outs” exhibition has been opened, and you can go to the exhibition for free until November 23 !

Moreover, Chengdu is also the last stop of the inland tour of the “Ins and Outs” exhibition .

Fans who are in Chengdu or planning to go to Chengdu must not miss this great opportunity! !