Not afraid of “1087” big tail modified car? It is not on the priority list of the traffic police

“I often walk by the river, how can I not get wet shoes.” That’s right, it’s a modification. Readers who are in this circle must have some experience. Recently, the traffic control department has clearly cracked down on illegally modified cars more than before, and more and more 1087 tickets have appeared around them one after another. Is the final way out of modification really only restoration ?

What does “1087” mean?

Before the article begins, the author feels that it is necessary to take care of readers who are not familiar with the meaning of 1087. To put it simply, 1087 is the illegal code of the ticket issued by the traffic police for the modified car under the normal state , also known as unauthorized modification of the shape of the motor vehicle and the related technical data that has been registered . In some regions there will also be additional codes.

Secondly, over time, in the circle, 1087 has become a synonym for modified car fans who are ticketed and restored after graduation. Similarly, generally speaking, after being issued a 1087 code ticket by the traffic police, not only a fine of 500 yuan is required, but also the vehicle needs to be restored to its original state . I have personally experienced this.

The list of key attention objects was exposed?

At the same time, such a photo has been circulating on the Internet recently. The general content is that the traffic police will investigate the key models on the list to start cracking down on illegal acts such as speed racing and street bombing. What’s more interesting is that this photo also mentions ” coupe with track and sports mode ” as the focus of attention. Lynk: It’s none of my business, right?

In addition to a number of supercars on the list, BBA’s high-performance series has not been spared,The Golf GTI even ranks ahead of Porsche. It can also be seen that the traffic policeman still has his own opinion on whose exhaust sound is louder. It can only be said that, at least at this stage, the modified car can only survive like a street rat.

Non-1087 Focused Objects

Of course, the reason why there is today’s article discussing 1087 with you is because we have experienced an original car that is not afraid of 1087 . Some of the elements of a modified car in your mind, such as a large rear wing , forged wheels , multi-piston brakes , and even adjustable damping suspension , etc., this new 03+ Cyan seems to have it.

Let’s not talk about how it opens and how it actually performs. Just the “exploding” degree of this appearance seems to be able to attract the attention of the traffic police. The Cyan blue color scheme will be one of the highlights, at least to make it look different from most cars. Black wheels with yellow calipers and a big rear wing, will the traffic police stop it ?

We are also very curious, and the author also wants to take this opportunity to give you a small test. We drove this 03+ Cyan to the center of Guangzhou, where there is a lot of traffic and traffic police will notice it. Facts tell us that the traffic policeman, Shu Mi, knows cars well , and he didn’t stop us to ask questions. What he got more was the attention from passers-by .

So when you drive it, you will have such a peculiar experience: you know that the car you are driving has a lot of modified elements, but when you see the police lights, the red and blue flashing, and the iron cavalry, you first feel Tight, then relieved . Looking at the big rear wing in the rear-view mirror, listening to the sound from the exhaust pipe, and thinking to myself: 1087 has nothing to do with me from now on .

(track mode, in-situ exhaust sound when the valve is open)

Count those “illegal” points on your body

Let’s turn our attention back to the new 03+ Cyan itself. After the mid-term facelift, the big mouth design of this “face -hitting Weilai” is obviously more recognizable, and the return rate is really not low after being painted with Cyan blue. Of course, car owners who are not 03+ Cyan should remember to file their color changes, so don’t take chances.

The second is the appearance of the carbon fiber kit. The front shovel, rear-view mirror shell, and three-stage adjustable rear wing are all elements that some modified car owners like very much. In addition, the 19-inch forged wheels with Akebono four-piston brake system are also conspicuous enough in black and yellow. But isn’t it possible to consider making the ET value of the hub more redundant ?

In the interior, the elements of suede fur are familiar to you, and the equipment of bucket chairs is also familiar. So you can put your eyes on the steering wheel. Although the shape is really Audi, the new exhaust button and one-button track mode button are still easy to use. You can walk quietly in the community, and you can quickly enter a state of excitement.

Inside, at the mechanical level, according to the usual practice, I will simply report the data to everyone. The familiar 2.0T T5 Evo engine, with an output of 265 horsepower and 380 Nm , is matched with an 8AT automatic transmission from Aisin . In addition, the top bar in the engine compartment and the ten-stage damping adjustment knob provided by the BILSTEIN shock absorber will also be the eyes of the modified car owners.

May wish to say two more words here. From the author’s brief experience, compared to the ones above, what attracts me more will be this set of Michelin PS4S custom-made by Hyundai. It seems to be a PS4S, but in fact it already has the performance of CUP2, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger . . By the way, the panoramic sunroof on the ordinary 03+ is also cancelled on the Cyan version.

What’s the point of not being 1087?

Attentive readers should note that in fact, the author did not mention much about some experiences or feelings of this new 03+ Cyan in the whole article. The reason is that the main purpose is to show you the elements of an original factory modified car, those elements that will be loved by modification enthusiasts. But in addition to these, the meaning behind it cannot be ignored.

The original factory and car manufacturers are promoting this matter, which is bound to have a substantial effect on the legalization of future modifications . Moreover, the modified car from the original factory will definitely be much stronger than Xiaobai’s entry into the wall and then stepping into the pit . Instead of wasting money on some detours, such an original modified car has provided many consumers . A solid choice .

write at the end

It is true that the traffic police are aiming at speeding up the street. Whether the original car has an exhaust noise or not belongs to the street bombing depends on the judgment of the street. But in any case, in order to have a better environment and allow the car culture to have room for sustainable development, we must start from everyone around us to refuse speed racing and malicious street bombing . For readers who are interested in the evaluation content of the new 03+ Cyan , we will have articles to interpret them in the future, so stay tuned.

Have you ever had the experience of being 1087?