Nostalgic Games Weekly: Three in a year? “Ragnarok”, an IP that is about to be broken by manufacturers

Good weekend everyone, this is Nostalgia Weekly.

[Nostalgia Weekly] It is mainly composed of three parts: “Popular Nostalgic Game Trends”, “Nostalgic Game New Works” and “Nostalgic Article Selection”.

Let’s take a look at what’s worth watching this week!

【News of popular nostalgic games】

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic service Halloween hidden benefits: unlimited access to powerful experience and prestige BUFF!

From October 18th to October 31st, the first Halloween event of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgia will debut. Players can participate in various Halloween events to get headless knight equipment mounts, holiday candies and various strange holiday achievements and other rewards. In addition, there is another content reward worthy of players’ attention, which is the scarecrow’s prayer festival BUFF!

The Scarecrow Celebration is a Forsaken-specific holiday event. According to Halloween custom, the Forsaken are to burn a scarecrow to commemorate this most noble occasion.

The celebration of burning the scarecrow starts at 8:00 p.m. every night and lasts until 6:00 a.m. the next day. It is held on the path leading to the Silverpine Forest from Tirisfal Glades. During the celebration, tribal players can click on the ashes under the scarecrow’s feet to get the festival. BUFF Scarecrow’s Prayer. Alliance players can also get this buff, but you must kill the Elite Abomination first, then click on the ashes on the ground.

During the Burning Scarecrow celebration, players can get unlimited Scarecrow’s Prayer BUFF, the effect of Scarecrow’s Prayer at level 60 is to increase the recovery speed of health and mana by 25%, and increase the stamina by 25%, which lasts for 2 hours. After TBC, the speed of gaining experience and reputation is increased by 10% for 2 hours.

Among them, 10% of the prestige BUFF can increase the prestige rewards obtained in all ways including killing monsters, missions and battlefields.

The “Aion Tower” “Apsalanta: Glory” chapter opens, and the new Lord God has landed!

On October 26, “Aion”, which has been in operation for 13 years, was updated and maintained. The wonderful game content of “Apsalanta: Glory” will be fully presented to the players’ field of vision. Steele and Lumiere also officially appeared.

After the version update, the new main gods Eustiel and Lumiere are about to appear in Apsalanta, and according to the new main god, the Apsalanta race station will also change.

By activating the main sacred object corresponding to the main god, players can get rewards such as “Ultimate Battle Soul Weapon Box”, “Oath Slate”, “Apuxiu’s Phantom Armor Box” as the level of the sacred object increases.

Due to the alternation of Apsalanta’s resident army and the change of the agent in the agent battle, the agent battle at the Bridge of Vigilance is about to start. Players can go to the reinforcements to receive the agent battle victory reward!

On the other hand, the new legion mission is launched, adding multiple rewards. After completing the legion mission, players can receive the corresponding game items of “Kina” and “Io Crystal”.

This update of “Aion” also adds the Guardian Pass and the help of Kairubin Quick Guide. Players can accumulate points by performing tasks of different difficulty. When the points accumulate to the specified value, the final reward can be unlocked .

In addition, players can also get a variety of items such as “[Wizard] Lord God Potion Selection Box”, “Nabaru Giant Fruit”, “Rodas Giant Venus” and other items.

“Gu Jian Qi Tan OL” Halloween event “Golden Pumpkin Feast” is online, and multiple limited-time gifts appear!

On October 27, the Halloween event “Golden Pumpkin Feast” of “Gu Jian Qi Tan OL” was launched. By participating in the event, players can accumulate [Pumpkin Candy] and exchange for limited-time gifts.

The event lasts from October 27th to November 17th. In addition to Halloween avatars, avatar frames, and ornaments, players can redeem rewards, as well as a limited Halloween collection “Straw Kefangua”.

【New work of nostalgic game】

The update of “DNF Mobile Games” has been completed, and the original occupation “Warrior”, a new copy and a training ground have been released!

On October 27, the Hanbok “Dungeon and Warriors Mobile” (hereinafter referred to as DNF mobile game) completed the update of the new version of the game. The updated content includes the fashion of the new professional “Warrior”, “The Seal of Queen Scardi”, Magic crystal related content, and copy training ground, etc.

The warrior is the original profession of the mobile game, and the character is a red-haired muscular female warrior with a big sword with national characteristics. The official character setting given to her is an ancient character who woke up from the glaciers on the snowy mountains, so her weapons are relatively rough, unpolished, and will not add skills such as guns and bullets.

This profession is characterized by the use of the power of nature, and jumping skills can be used to deal with various situations before changing jobs. After changing careers, there are two options, one is “WILDVEIN”, which masters natural magic, and the other is “WILDSEER”, which has fast attack speed and many combos.

At the same time, this version update also adds a “dress preset” function that can save a variety of clothing. Among them, two grids that can be preset will be provided for free, and the rest can be purchased with gold coins, which can be expanded to 10 grids at most.

On the other hand, after this update, players can obtain the “Seal of Queen Scardi” through “treasure hunt”, which was very difficult to obtain in previous games, to reduce the burden on players , and the cost of crafting “Queen Skadi’s Seal” will also be reduced.

The third derivative work of the year? Ragnarok: Inception starts global pre-registration!

Gravity Interactive has officially launched global pre-registration for the upcoming side-scrolling MMORPG Ragnarok: The Beginning. The game will be available for both PC and mobile platforms this winter, and will feature action combat, fantasy stories, customizable gear and more.

Ragnarok: Inception adopts the Chibi art style common in other Ragnarok games, combining the aesthetics fans know and love with a brand new gameplay, no lock mode mixed with brawl elements, players can There are 4 basic classes to choose from in Ragnarok: Inception, and each class will also have two advanced options for players to explore.

At the same time, the game supports cross-platform gameplay, and players can seamlessly switch between PC and mobile phones.

But it is worth mentioning that in July this year, GRAVITY just released the 20th anniversary trilogy of “Ragnarok”. “Trilogy” as three series of new works, namely “Ragnarok: Lost Memories”, “Ragnarok: Arena”, “RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation”. All three new works are targeted to be launched in the second half of 2022.

According to the launch time, this year, the Ragnarok series has also launched “Ragnarok: Lost Memories”, “Ragnarok RO: Guarding Eternal Love”, plus “Ragnarok: The Beginning”, we can only say Ragnarok This IP is really “super productive” this year.

There are so many adaptations that many fans and players often shout in the comment area: Let go of RO!

After countless leaks and speculations, Unreal 5 engine development “Silent Hill 2” has launched a reset version with visual upgrades!

After a long period of leaks and speculation, Konami has finally revealed the future of the Silent Hill franchise, which, in addition to a new mainline game Silent Hill f and a more experimental spinoff titled Silent Hill: Townfall Silent Hill 2, developed by Bloober Team, has also been refurbished and fully remastered.

A player uploaded a video comparing the old and new versions that highlights some of the changes, but considering that the original Silent Hill 2 is more than 20 years old, it’s no surprise that its remake is a huge improvement in terms of visuals and technology. .

From the environment, character and monster models to atmospheric effects like the dense fog covering the town, it’s an impressive leap in quality from what we’ve seen so far.

On the other hand, the Bloober team has confirmed that Silent Hill 2 is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and will not have any load times, while in terms of new content and changes to the story, Konami has claimed that the developer’s ” The controls are very strict.”

The second chapter of “HIT2” “Retrieve Glory” has been updated on a large scale, and new content such as guild copy has been added!

On October 26, NEXON’s multi-platform MMORPG “HIT2” underwent a large-scale update. With the goal of “epic stories”, the second chapter “The Glory Retrieved” will be launched in turn.

Through this update, a guild-based growth system “guild copy” will be added to the game, and the rules for obtaining the “Coordinator’s Altar” boss item will be defined as the fourth rule made by players.

Secondly, the game will add a professional and pet synthesis ceiling system. If the probability of success is too low, the chance of success will be appropriately increased. At the same time, the second SEASON PASS will provide richer mission rewards.