North and South Volkswagen dropped 50,000 at the end of the year, there are pictures and the truth | Auto Market

Auto-First | Saiman

Near the end of the year, there will be a price cut of up to 50,000 yuan in the north and south mass terminal markets. Although there is no official announcement from North and South Volkswagen, the price reduction in the terminal market is kept secret.

Auto-First learned from the dealers of North and South Volkswagen in Beijing that SAIC-Volkswagen’s drop is up to 40,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, while FAW-Volkswagen does not seem to have the highest drop.

As seen in Auto-First, SAIC Volkswagen’s national service letter, the signs with the highest drop of 40,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively are particularly eye-catching. The price-cut models are the Touang series, in the name of “special cars”. The dealer told Auto Trend that the so-called special car is just a gimmick, but it is actually a complete new car.

As for FAW-Volkswagen Borui Xianghong, they simply used the car as a slogan and placed it at the door of the “No.1 Auto Repair Factory”. FAW-Volkswagen’s main price reduction model is Lanjing, with a reduction of 50,000, and the premise is “limited time”.

What is unknown is that the Tourang and Langjing are both large SUVs. Although they are both Volkswagen, they are competitors in the market. I don’t know if it was SAIC-Volkswagen or FAW-Volkswagen who started the “internal friction” of the price war first, or it was the challenge initiated by the North and South Volkswagens teaming up like Japanese and American SUVs.

However, near the end of the year, various car companies are facing huge sales pressure. North and South Volkswagen does not make official announcements and relies on terminal promotion marketing, which will become effective means for various car companies by the end of the year. Good news for consumers.