“Normal” left turn but fined? You may not have mastered this driving and turning skill!

Recently, Mr. Wang hurriedly turned at an intersection without a left-turn arrow light as soon as he exited the stop line. After being caught, points were deducted and fined. Many car owners and friends have had similar experiences and were punished for ignoring “turn left to turn a big turn, right turn to a small turn”. So how do you turn the corner? How big of a turn? Today I will teach you!

 Why make a big turn when turning left?

1. “Big turns and small turns” are illegal

In accordance with Article 51 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, motor vehicles passing through intersections controlled by traffic lights shall pass in accordance with the following regulations: When turning left, turn left at the center of the intersection.

To put it simply, “big turns and small turns” means that the left-turning vehicle should have gone straight to the center of the intersection and then turned, but turned directly over the pedestrian crossing line.

According to the new version of the “Measures for the Administration of Points for Road Traffic Safety Illegal Acts”:

A motor vehicle driver who commits one of the following illegal acts will be deducted 1 point at a time:

Driving a motor vehicle in violation of the prohibition signs and prohibition markings

If the “big bend and small turn” hits the solid yellow line when turning left, the traffic police department will also score 1 point . It is easy to deduct points, but difficult to accumulate points. Car owners must not “send points” in vain because they are impatient.

2. The blind spot of the left A-pillar is very large

When turning left, if a pedestrian or an electric vehicle on the zebra crossing happens to be blocked by the A-pillar, it is difficult for the owner to find the person in the blind spot. Once the vehicle speed is too fast, a collision will inevitably occur. Therefore, when turning left and turning a big turn, the steering wheel is turned gently, which can not only ensure one’s own safety, but also minimize the blind spot of the A-pillar.

3. “Shortcuts” are prone to accidents

A major principle of turning is to turn and let go straight. If you cut the corner too fast, it may interfere with the vehicle going straight, and if you do it too hastily, it is easy to cause an accident. When there are many cars, you will have more time to adjust your own line when you turn a big curve, you will not be “squeezed” by many vehicles, and driving is safer.

 Why take a small turn when turning right?

Turning right into a small turn means that when turning right, try to keep the right side of the vehicle away from the center of the intersection, and turn with a smaller turning radius, so that after turning, it is also on the far right side of the straight lane.

If the right turn radius is too large and you turn to the middle lane or the leftmost lane, it will affect the traffic of other lanes.

These driving and turning tips are also very useful

Slow down in advance when turning, and sound the horn first for consecutive turns

When turning, the car owner should slow down in advance to slow down the speed of the car. If you turn quickly, there is a high probability of causing a traffic accident or even a car crash. In addition, when turning continuously, the owner needs to sound the horn first and signal in advance to avoid collision with other vehicles.

When turning, control the steering wheel

When turning, the owner needs to control the steering wheel . If you want to turn a small turn, you can kill the steering wheel as much as possible, and the turning range of the vehicle will be relatively small. After you have successfully turned the corner, slowly return to the positive direction. If you want to make a big turn, just steer slowly.

When cornering, try to avoid using the brakes

Driving on a curve, if you are not careful, there will be situations such as sideslip and rollover. In order to avoid this kind of situation for yourself, the owner must drive carefully and avoid using the brakes as much as possible . Because once the emergency braking, the probability of the vehicle sideslip will skyrocket.





Either turn left or right

Make good use of the rearview mirror

Make sure everything is safe before turning

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