【Normal admissions on weekends】Disease consultation – online appointment registration service at all times​

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Want to get rid of andrology when attacked by andrology

Choose a hospital carefully

Datong Shuguang Men’s Hospital integrates humanistic care into every link of medical services, so that every patient can be assured, at ease and comfortable in seeking medical treatment.

In addition to worrying about the effect of treatment, patients are also more concerned about fees.

Whether the charges are expensive and reasonable is also one of the interests of patients. After all, patients need to consider the cost of seeing a doctor, and no one wants to waste money. Only a hospital that considers the interests of patients in all aspects is a worthy hospital.

“Lunch break + no holidays”

Diagnosis and treatment mode 


Skip the line upon arrival

Online reservations in advance can enjoy skip-the-line on-site treatment, saving your time, and online reservations do not charge registration fees.


short waiting time

The examination results are given priority when visiting the hospital, so there is no need to wait anxiously. One doctor, one patient, one consultation room, private consultation to avoid embarrassment.


All day year round

There are many experienced andrology directors in our hospital, who take turns to sit for consultation.

To see andrology in Datong, go directly to Datong Shuguang Men’s Hospital, through detailed examination, to find out the hidden patients in time, and standardize the treatment.