none of them! The decisive battle calls for the strongest lineup, the unsolved iG champion Ue Nakano

With the arrival of the “League of Legends E-sports Manager” triple crown event, the appearance of the three global finals championship cards is also a big change in the environment of the duel call. Among them, the most important thing is naturally the emergence of the champion iG jungler Ning Wang.

The reason why the champion Ning Wang is very strong is because the overall value of the champion Ning Wang is very high, and the five values ​​of output, laning, awareness, development and survival are very prominent. Under such circumstances, the positioning of the champion Ning Wang, who can carry and can be in the front row, is very helpful to the flexibility of the lineup; on the other hand, it is the two skills of Ning Wang, the rhythm shock is to reduce the opponent’s defense, and the magic dragon The claw is to increase the damage bonus for himself in the dragon zone battle. From the perspective of skills, champion Ning Wang’s skills are not biased towards which way. To use a simple analogy, Champion Scout’s attack and reinforcement skills are mainly around the double lane, so the team with this card of Champion Scout has certain requirements for the double lane, but King Ning is different. It is also the high value and the fit with most lineups that make this card very comprehensive.

Battle Calling is a PVP game with limited ratings. Before the card of champion Ning Wang appeared, the call-up lineup of champion TheShy, champion Rookie and champion JackeyLove was very popular, and it was even a T0-level lineup in the current decisive battle call-up.

But what is interesting is that even though the call-up lineup of the champion iG Trident is very powerful, there is a lineup that can play a certain restraint on the champion Ning Wang before he appears. And this lineup is based on the champion TheShy, the peak elixir and the champion Rookie, focusing on the upper and middle field lineup. The main reason why this lineup can well restrain the champion iG trident lineup is the strength of the elixir at the peak of the jungler position. Because the upper, middle and jungle of this lineup are very strong, it also forces the champion iG trident lineup to focus on developing the double lane. However, in teamfights, the strong lineup of upper, middle and jungle is actually restraining the strong lineup of two-lane. Especially when the elixir gets the signature blind monk, a direct skill can cooperate with TheShy and Rookie to kill JackeyLove in seconds.

Of course, although the lineup of champion TheShy, the peak elixir and the champion Rookie have played a certain restraint on the iG champion trident lineup, if the opponent’s BP is good and the decision-making is good in the game, this lineup will not be enough. Must be 100% able to beat the iG Champion Trident lineup. However, when the appearance of the champion Ning Wang replaced the original peak elixir, this upper, middle and jungle lineup became even stronger. Even, it is no exaggeration to say that this lineup is currently the strongest lineup in the decisive battle call, no one. The players of this lineup are the top single champion TheShy, the jungler champion Ning Wang, the mid single champion Rookie, the shooter Puff in the spring of 21, and the assistant Ke in the summer of 22. They are also five iG players.

So, why is this top, middle and jungle lineup stronger than the previous top, middle and jungle lineup of the peak elixir? First of all, it is King Ning’s skills. As we mentioned above, King Ning has two skills. One is to reduce the opponent’s defense; the other is to increase the damage of the dragon group.

Rhythm Shock reduces defense. When a player participates in a line-grabbing battle, if the enemy is killed, their defense will be reduced by 19% (if the skill is level 10). In the PVE and PVP modes, the line grabbing battle includes line grabbing in the first two rounds and automatic line grabbing by players in the team. When you won the championship iG in the middle and jungle, the first and second rounds of the line grabbing, because the top road and the middle road are very strong, even if the opponent and you are grabbing the same line, but in the 2V2 situation, the combat power is more prominent The champion iG player is naturally a 2V2 who can easily deal with most lineups. In such a situation, after obtaining the “kill” King Ning’s skills, the opponent can drop the defense.

In addition, the mid-laner Rookie in the lineup of champion iG U-Nakano has a backing skill in the wild area, which has the probability to allow the jungler to attack the enemy jungler together. Although the wild area is not considered a line grab, the wild area invasion of the champion iG Nakano naturally guarantees 100% success.

As for the other skill of the champion, King Ning, Demon Dragon Claw, it can greatly limit the situation that the opponent can get the dragon soul earlier because of the main two-way road. I believe everyone knows that the advantage of the main double road is to get the dragon after successfully grabbing the line, and you can get two dragons after successfully grabbing the line in the first two rounds. This means that if the third round of the little dragon dragon group succeeds, they will be able to get the little dragon dragon soul. In the decisive battle and draft mode, because the difference in combat power between the two sides is not large, the importance of the dragon soul is much more important than that of the canyon pioneer. Of course, sometimes you can also rely on the catch, if the speed is fast, you can get the dragon earlier than the double road, but this still depends on the chance. But after having King Ning, he and Rookie became the key to preventing the other party from taking the dragon soul of the dragon.

Because in addition to King Ning, champion Rookie’s skills are only boosted in the Dragon Zone battle. Unlike King Ning, Rookie increases skill damage. Therefore, in the third round of the Little Dragons, Rookie took the initiative to play AOE with his active skills, Ning Wang’s ordinary attack to clean up the mess, and a champion TheShy with good damage ability was added. This will greatly increase the winning probability of the champion iG upper, middle and jungle lineup in the Xiaolong group. In addition, in conjunction with King Ning’s successful line grabbing in the first and second rounds, the defense of the opponent’s top lane or mid lane is reduced, which also allows the manager to be more clear in the small dragon group, after the opponent’s most developed ADC can be eliminated in seconds. Who should be on fire.

Finally, let’s look at the fetters of the two lineups of the champion iG upper and middle field and the champion iG trident. The champion iG upper and middle field is only one less fetter of the power of the trident than the champion iG trident, but the champion Ning Wang’s skills and his relatively high value are enough to make up for the strength brought by this fetter. What’s more, as mentioned above, the main lineup and thinking of the upper and middle field lineup are more clear. After this lineup is taken out, if the opponent is the champion iG trident, they can only play two-way. Because once the top lane and the middle lane catch the line, 2v2 can’t beat iG’s upper midfielder. Moreover, even though the champion iG trident lineup is very fat, the only real threat is Jacky, and Xun is a purple card, and Xinliu is a blue card after all. But champion iG’s upper, middle, and jungle are different. The line grabbing in the first two rounds can make the upper, middle, and jungle stronger, and at the same time, it can reduce the defense of the caught. And any player in the upper and middle fields is very terrifying to develop, because after all, they are the champion cards of the global finals, and they are quite high-quality.

Of course, the above team is only limited to the second block of the decisive battle, that is, a score of 430. If you are in first gear or third gear, you can also build around the champion iG upper and middle jungle. Especially in the case of third gear and 440 points, Puff can be replaced with JackeyLove in the summer of 2022. Although the bond cannot be activated, the skills of JackeyLove Xiaolong Group are also for this lineup. After giving up the double road for the first two rounds, in the third Added more win rates to the Round Dragons.

The above is the latest strong lineup plan for the decisive battle to bring you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the final battle draft gameplay.