No wonder Russia hates Britain the most! Named British troops twice a day for major attacks on Russian installations

Among all the countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia and military aid to Ukraine, the country that Russia hates the most should be the United Kingdom. Not long ago, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also issued a warning: “In the event of a war between Russia and NATO, the primary target of Russian missiles is not Warsaw or Paris, but London.” This shows how much Britain is hated by Russia.

At the critical moment of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia once again launched a number of accusations against the United Kingdom and threatened to make a tough response. According to the “Global Times” report on October 29, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said that officials from the British Royal Navy participated in the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline in September.

Konashenkov pointed out that there is sufficient evidence that Ukrainian special forces carried out the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline on September 26, while British naval personnel instructed the daily training of Ukrainian troops and the inspection of the gas pipeline. sabotage. Although the President of the European Commission von der Leyen recently declared that “there is no evidence that the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline has been damaged by man”, this statement cannot be recognized by all countries, and everyone generally believes that this incident is “sabotage”.

On the same day, Russia also made another accusation against the United Kingdom: Ukrainian naval special forces, under the planning and direction of the United Kingdom, used 16 drones to attack the Russian Navy’s warships at the Sevastopol base, as well as civilian ships. In response to the Ukrainian attack on the port, Russia subsequently announced an indefinite suspension of Ukrainian grain exports through the port. You must know that more than 65% of Ukraine’s grain exports through Black Sea ports eventually end up in the granaries of European countries. The intention of Russia’s move is very clear, that is, to cut off Europe’s food route to Ukraine.

If the UK is really involved in the above-mentioned two attacks, it is tantamount to being in trouble with the EU. Whether it’s the blow-up of the Nord Stream gas pipeline or Russia’s suspension of Ukrainian grain deliveries from Black Sea ports, it will ultimately be the EU countries that suffer. Although the British military clarified for the first time that they were not involved in the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline, Russia obviously did not want to let the matter go. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova claimed: “The Russian side intends to bring the international community, Including the UN Security Council, take note of the UK’s involvement in a series of terrorist attacks in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.”

Russia has been biting Britain in a series of attacks, not in vain. On the contrary, the United Kingdom is not only the most active country in supporting Ukraine other than the United States, but also the country that has trained the most fighters for Ukraine. More importantly, the United Kingdom has more than once instigated the Ukrainian army to use Western weapons to attack the Russian mainland.

Precisely because the United Kingdom is the most anti-Russian European country, Russia treats the United Kingdom differently from other European countries, including deploying nuclear submarines in the English Channel, holding naval exercises in the waters off Scotland, and publicly announcing that “even if the United Kingdom uses ruble settlement, and will not export energy to it” and so on, costing the UK far more than other European countries.

Among the many countries that support Ukraine, Russia only blames the UK for the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline and the damage to its Black Sea Fleet ships, which also has a lot to do with the current overall deterioration of Russia-UK relations. Of course, the logic behind the UK’s involvement in this series of attacks is very clear, and the US is probably the real man behind the scenes.

In the face of frequent changes in the UK and domestic political and social turmoil, Russia’s request to hold the UK accountable for this series of attacks will further aggravate the chaos in the UK and make life even more difficult for the newly elected Sunak.