No sincerity! PG6 is not as good as a team shoe! Nike is going to cut leeks again?

  Paul George has been questioned on many levels since he came to the Clippers.

  The year before he came to the Clippers, he was General Dove of the Thunder, the top three players in the best first team and MVP rankings.

  Perhaps because of injuries, perhaps because of his age, George is not as capable of aerial work as he used to be.

  In terms of the treatment given by the endorsement brands, it is not regarded as “breaking drums and beating people”, but it has obviously fallen off a cliff.

  PG1, PG2, PG2.5, PG3, the first four pairs of PG series sneakers, with balanced configuration and solid combat experience, have always been popular models in the market.

  But when the PG4 was officially unveiled, especially the changes to the air cushion configuration, George’s signature shoes were hotly debated.

  George’s footing of PG4 on the court is also very limited, and the full-hand Air Sole air cushion does not seem to be “official” recognized.

  PG5 cancels the zipper upper design, and the midsole is still full of Air Sole air cushion; George has used his signature shoes on his feet much more than PG5.

  Even in the game and team training, many times on the Kobe 4 Protro.

  The PG series has not brought you more expectations for two consecutive years. In addition, the PG6 confidentiality work has been done very well. Everyone has already conceived a pair of top star signature shoes!

  Before the debut of PG6, Jordan Brand first listed a pair of team flagship models: Jordan Zoom Separate.

  Zoom Separate is inspired by Doncic’s iconic step-back shot. The color matching and shoe shape are clean and neat, and the streamlined shoe body presents a strong sense of technology and design.

  The upper is made of knitted mesh, hot melt layer and other materials spliced ​​together to provide good breathability and wrapping.

  The midsole is double-density foam + Zoom air cushion, which ensures that the defenders and strikers can get a good sense of venue experience after wearing them.

  Since the sales positioning of this pair of sneakers is the same as that of the PG6, everyone is looking forward to the return of the PG6 to the configuration of the Zoom air cushion before the PG6 officially appears.

  The return of the midsole to the configuration of the Zoom air cushion in the forefoot should make many actual combat parties fall in love with the PG series again.

  Whether it is PG4 or PG5, most of the actual combat parties are not interested in the Air Sole air cushion more than 30 years ago.

  Two weeks after the physical spy photos of PG6 were exposed, the official PG6 map was unveiled, and the domestic market is expected to be officially launched in February!

  How to evaluate PG6? From the personal point of view of Mr. Rookie, it is attractive in appearance. . . . . .

  The midsole is full-handed React technology, and the midsole configuration did not meet everyone’s expectations; in terms of actual combat experience, Rookie is looking forward to the PG6’s midsole tuning experience.

  There is no need to worry about the problem of the crystal bottom. It is estimated that other colors will have XDR rubber outsole versions.

  In terms of the shape of the midsole, the center of gravity is slightly higher and somewhat similar to the running shoes React Escape RN, which makes Rookie a little worried about the anti-rollover protection of the PG6.

  The configuration adjustment and design style change of PG6, market feedback pressure has played a role.

  However, inexplicably “hitting the face” with his own running shoes, I wonder if George will fall in love with his PG6 next season.

  However, the use of React technology in the midsole and full palm is not small. If the anti-rollover is passed, it may be the replacement of the HD17. If the anti-rollover fails, the controversy may be stronger than that of PG4 and PG5.