No. 77, the big guy in the e-sports circle, and Doinb are on the bar: You get paid for your own popularity, and you say that others are marketing accounts?

No. 77 of the e-sports circle and Doinb are on the bar! It seems that Doinb said No. 77 or something in the live broadcast, and then Doinb fans ran to find fault. Before, No. 77 broke the news about the breakup of Doinb and Ale, and there was some rift between the two. So Doinb’s words and deeds are understandable, but No. 77 also responded directly with a post. Personally, I think Weibo on the 77th has only 220,000 followers, and it seems that receiving advertisements is not enough, but if his monthly traffic of 300 million is true, this is very powerful, but Weibo traffic cannot be directly discounted, and in On other platforms, I have not seen the figure of No. 77, which means that No. 77 does not rely on the monthly traffic of 300 million to make money. For everyone who likes to eat melons and me and other self-media, he is simply a peerless good person. . In addition, Doinb broke the news that the popularity is due to live broadcast income, and he earns a lot, but he has to talk about a “voluntary labor” brother, which is really unreasonable. And from the perspective of accuracy, No. 77 seems to be slightly better. In addition, he does not have so many interests, and it is of the nature of playing tickets. He will not say half of it and hide the other half.