【No. 2584】Reject invalid anxiety and mental internal friction

Anxiety arises for a variety of reasons, but most often it comes from our fears and worries about the uncertainty of the future.

Simply put, we are anxious about a thing because we lack a sense of control over it, we cannot guarantee the expected good results, but we cannot afford the possible bad results.

On the other hand, psychological research has found that anxiety in turn affects our level of perceptual control, and the more anxious we are, the less we believe that we can influence the outcome of things.

As a result, “a sense of loss of control over things” and “anxiety” promote each other, forming a vicious circle.

Anxiety is part of the human experience, and the right amount of anxiety drives our progress. Those thoughts of avoiding or resisting anxiety, instead of relieving it, exacerbate it. So, we can try to embrace anxiety. Think about the thinking behind your anxiety, test the rationality of the idea, and slowly get out of the anxiety.

When you are overwhelmed with anxiety, self-denying words will always pop up in your mind. Sometimes I completely ignore my own shining points, and my previous efforts have become worthless. We need to be aware of these negative thoughts and try to encourage ourselves with positive words. For example, you can say to yourself: Although I am in a state of anxiety right now, it is only temporary, and I have a way to relieve it.

Anxiety is like an emotional vortex that will only get deeper and deeper if not stopped in time. Say “stop” to yourself as soon as you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts! Get up and get yourself a glass of water, go out for a spin, or wash your face to relieve anxiety by distracting yourself. And turn the anxiety into specific small goals, and use actions to complete it step by step. You see, anxiety isn’t that scary either.

Repressed emotions will only roll in like a snowball. When the straw that broke the camel appeared, emotions erupted from the bottom of my heart like a volcano. Holding it in your heart for a long time will increase your chances of getting sick. When emotions come, don’t hide, just cry if you want to cry. I said to myself, I know that I am only temporarily sad, I can vent and sleep well, and tomorrow is a new beginning.

There is nothing to worry about. Everyone happens to be in their prime. The anxiety that weighs you down is because you want a result too much, and the pain of being unable to sleep in the middle of the night is because of yourself. Too true.

If some things fail to achieve the desired appearance, it must be reminding you whether the road should turn around. On the contrary, everything is going well, but it turns around like a movie plot and ends with a good result, then It doesn’t feel like life anymore.

Life is a scene of one stop and one stop. There are unexpected encounters and there are people who leave without saying goodbye. The good and bad experiences should be treasured as treasures, not a reason for sadness. Just take it slow, after all, you Not bad!

Huizhou Economic Vocational and Technical College

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