“Nintendo Switch Sports” caused the game to crash to solve the problem

“Nintendo Switch Sports” caused the game to crash to solve the problem

“Nintendo Switch Sports”, which contains a variety of somatosensory games, has always been one of the games that Switch players pay attention to since its release, and it is also a frequent visitor to the top ten game sales rankings in various countries. However, due to Nintendo’s latest update patch, the game has frequently crashed, and Nintendo has now withdrawn this update.

The update that caused the problem was update 1.2.1, which rolled out on October 12. A large number of users have reported that after the update is completed, whether you choose online mode or offline play, there is a high chance of the game crashing after entering the game.

As for the occurrence of the problem, Nintendo has already stated that it is aware of it, and immediately stopped the game’s network mode and cloud archive synchronization functions, and also removed the 1.2.1 update file. At present, players with lower versions will get an update prompt when they open the game, but they cannot be updated.

Version 1.2.1 is mainly aimed at users who cheat in the online mode of the game, adding the ban function and adding the description of some props.

Nintendo is expected to re-launch a new update file in the coming days to address the aforementioned issues.