Ningbo has 0 wins and 9 losses, and has been at the bottom of the first stage and has lost 18 consecutive seasons

  Beijing time on October 30th, in the ninth round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Ningbo team lost 79-97 to the Shandong team.

  The Ningbo team has suffered a 9-game losing streak. So far in the new season, they have not won a game, and ended the first stage of their journey with 0 wins and 9 losses.

  Counting the last 9 consecutive losses in the regular season last season, the Ningbo team has suffered an 18-game losing streak across the season. The last time they won was on March 2, 2022, when the Ningbo team defeated the Fujian team 109-106.

  When will the Ningbo team get their first win of the season? I’m afraid this is not easy. Last season’s “difficult brothers and sisters” Tongxi team and Kenyan team both rose. At present, the Fujian and Sichuan teams with 1 win, 7 losses and 2 wins and 7 losses seem to be close to the Ningbo team. However, in fact, after studying the advanced data of these two teams, it is found that there is still a clear gap between the Ningbo team and them. .

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