Nilu is about to be officially launched, Yuanshen announced Nilu’s demo PV, and Ying Pei was praised as a Disney princess

Unconsciously, Genshin Impact 3.1 is about to enter the second half. Not only has the sign-in and entanglement activities started, but the card pool will also be rotated in the second half. The popular wife Nilu, who debuted in 3.0, is finally officially joining the travel team! The official Genshin Impact also understands it well, and released Nilu’s demo PV before Nilu’s launch, giving everyone a sneak peek at Nilu’s skills. However, there seem to be other surprises in the demo PV besides the skills? Come and have a look with Fanfan!

Compared with the previous official character PV of Genshin Impact, the demo PV pays more attention to Nilu’s dance moves, skill moves and animation close-ups. There are few plots of the demo PV. The plot of Nilu creating a dance in the desert runs through the main line. The beginning is the scene of Nilu’s wife lying in the oasis: look at the pure eyes, the cute little hands, hey hey, worthy of a large number of Xumi Xin’s wife recognized by Genshin Impact players!

Nilu’s elemental explosion is a consistent close-up of the face, whether it is charming and slightly murderous eyes or crossed hand movements, coupled with the steamy background, it really complements each other, and belongs to the players who are good at this. My heart skipped a beat. Others don’t know, there are already players ready to blow up in the comment area of ​​the demo PV anyway! Of course, in every dance session, Da Viagra must be pulled out to play tricks.

In addition to the screen attracting players, Nilu’s four-nation dubbing also showed a wave of fairy fights. This time, the English dubbing is the most popular among players. Not only was it rated as “clear and watery” and “perfectly restored” by the players, but also directly praised by the “Disney Princess”. It can be seen that Nilu’s extravagance and the setting of dancing are indeed effective under the interpretation of Yingbei teacher. Full!

However, Nilu, although there is a lot of information at present, but Nilu’s real character and background, we have to wait for the legendary quest and the subsequent mainline update to have a deeper understanding. It can be said that there is a kind of “familiar but not completely familiar” “a feeling of. But although Nilu still has a layer of mystery in the plot, Nilu is already an old acquaintance of the big guy in terms of second creation. Since the debut of Nilu in 3.0, many players have started to tidy up. Because of the beautiful clothes, appearance and model design of Nilu, a large number of players have opened their minds and created “魈Nilu” and “Wendini Lu”. ” and many other outrageous works. But I have to say…it’s really nice!

Of course, for a character like Nilu with a full appearance, there must be many high-value players who have produced COS works. Not only are they super-reductive, but their looks, movements, and this look will make you feel confused! Good, good, Fanfan announced that Nilu is the new wife! I just don’t know if the travelers have discovered it. It seems that there is a character who dances for him in his memory. Who is it?

All in all, Nilu, as a character that will debut in the second half of 3.1, is an excellent character that players look forward to both from a design perspective and from the perspective of players’ love. It’s not far from Nilu’s debut. Are you ready to show your skills in Niluka Pool? Don’t forget to pay attention to Nilu’s legendary quest too!