New Zealand centenarian shares his secrets to longevity: no drinking, no smoking, no love for women

Jimu News reporter Wang Liangliang Huang Jiaqi

According to New Zealand’s “Taranaki Daily News” report on October 28, an old man in New Zealand who just turned 100 was interviewed and shared his three secrets to longevity: “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t love women. “

Norman Johnson Photo credit: Taranaki Daily News

Norman Johnson, a South Taranaki farmer who celebrated his 100th birthday on October 24, has begun to look forward to media interviews when he turns 110.

He said the three secrets to his longevity were “not drinking, not smoking, not loving women”, and that eating a variety of foods, being interested in “everything” and having a good immune system also helped prolong his life. of life.

“I get sick sometimes and winter is the worst time. But so far my health has been improving.”

Despite being 100 years old, Norman is still relatively mobile, able to move around on his own, fetch his mail and feed his dogs, aided by a curved metal cane. At the age of 98, he was able to milk the cow himself.

Norman Johnson moved to the farm where he is now at Skeeter Road when he was seven and has rarely left since. After finishing school at 15, Norman worked to help his parents pay off the farm’s mortgage. Since then he has also insisted on making agriculture the center of his life.

Although he said he was popular with the ladies, Norman was single for life. He said the most important woman in his life was his mother.

Norman Johnson Photo credit: Taranaki Daily News

Although Norman was rich, he never thought of expanding his farm, but was always helping others. “For some people, the bank doesn’t lend them money, so I help them, and most people pay it back.”

When Norman reflects on his life, one of the big things he focuses on is “people.”

“A lot of my friends are gone, and sometimes I can’t help shedding a few tears,” he said.

(Source: Jimu News)