[New phone] One-inch outsole, Mi 13 Pro image performance is greatly upgraded

This year, the performance of Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has improved a lot in terms of imaging, whether it is Leica watermark or 5X telephoto.

Recently, it has been reported on the Internet that the image stacking of the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro will be relatively high this time. It is also equipped with a one-inch outsole IMX 989. With the blessing of the new ISP, the image performance will be improved. It is possible that there will be a backstab Xiaomi 12S. Ultra’s situation? The renderings of the Xiaomi Mi 13 series were also exposed on the Internet before. The design of the camera module is quite general, and it is not as delicate and coordinated as the previous two generations.

At present, the Xiaomi Mi 13 series has passed the 3C certification. The standard version supports 67W fast charging, the Pro version supports 120W fast charging, and the wireless charging is still full at 50W.

The standard version adopts a straight screen design, while the Big Cup Pro is a Samsung E6 2K AMOLED screen, with a micro-curved screen + centered single-camera digging hole, and is expected to support 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. At the same time, the back cover of the machine may also be made of ceramic material, and the texture is still very online.