[New machine] Dimensity 9200 will be launched for the first time, X90 will come next month

This year, vivo relied on the X80 to completely reverse its reputation online, and it is also the best in terms of performance and camera adjustment for the Dimensity 9000. According to the news, the vivo X90 will be released next month. It will be the first model of the Dimensity 9200, equipped with 1.5K screen + 120W fast charge, these two points are a significant improvement compared to the X80.

If you look at it this way, the standard version of the X90 series will be equipped with the Dimensity 9200, and both the Pro and Pro+ will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8Gen2. According to the current information, this time the big cup does not have a periscope telephoto, but it is still equipped with a 2x portrait, and the telephoto of the super cup is equipped with OV64B, 6400W pixel 3.5 times scheme.

Yesterday, the running score of the Dimensity 9200 has been exposed. There should be no significant difference in performance compared to the 8Gen2. What is more expected is the image performance of the X90 series, and the peripheral specifications of the X series have been continuously improved in the past two years, such as ultrasonic radio. The popularity of domain fingerprints, wireless charging, etc., the performance of Blue Factory in the high-end Android market is still quite satisfactory.