New energy used cars “recover”

Our reporter Yin Limei and Tong Haihua reported from Chengdu

“On the whole, the new energy used car market is more active this year than in previous years. Our store can sell 20 to 30 new energy used cars a month, which is our regular sales now. At this time last year, our store could only sell about a month. About 12 new energy used cars.” Recently, a used car dealer in the Chengdu Omnicom used car trading market told a reporter from China Business News.

The Omnicom used car trading market is the largest in Southwest China and the second largest used car trading platform in the country. The reporter recently visited the second-hand car market and found that compared with the deserted situation when new energy second-hand cars were rarely seen at the beginning of the year, the heat of the new energy second-hand car market has heated up.

The reporter saw in the Omnicom used car trading market that the number of new energy used cars and the number of new energy used car brands have increased significantly than before. New energy vehicles including FAW-Volkswagen, BMW, Xiaopeng Motors, Li Auto, BYD, Weilai Automobile, WM Motor, Tesla, Roewe, GAC Trumpchi, GAC Aian, Honda and other brands are all in this used car The market can see it.

“Although fuel vehicles are still the mainstream of the used car market, there are significantly more customers who come to consult new energy used cars than before, and more and more used car dealers are also willing to accept new energy used cars.” Used car dealers Zhou Jun (pseudonym) told reporters.

It is not only the offline second-hand car market where new energy vehicles are picking up. The reporter noticed that the big data of Guazi used car transactions showed that during the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” period in 2022, online second-hand car transactions also experienced rapid growth year-on-year. Among them, the online transaction volume of new energy used cars increased by more than 4 times year-on-year, an unprecedented growth rate; it accounted for more than 7% of the entire online used car transaction market, exceeding the penetration rate of ownership by 3.7%; the transaction type was mainly pure electric vehicles. , the average vehicle age is less than 2 years, and the TOP10 brands account for 60% of the transaction volume.

“This year, the electric vehicle market has performed relatively well, and both the volume and price are rising. This is a special phenomenon this year. The state vigorously promotes the development of new energy vehicles. Gasoline and diesel vehicles are greatly influenced by energy public opinion, and as the international situation changes, Gasoline and diesel vehicles may face price hikes or capacity shortages, causing some consumers to turn to electric vehicles. These factors have also stimulated the second-hand new energy vehicle market to heat up.” Su Hui, executive vice chairman of the Tangible Market Branch of China Automobile Dealers Association, said reporter said.

There are used car dealers who charge a lot of new energy “quasi new cars”

Previously, new energy used cars were considered a “hot potato”, and used car dealers were not enthusiastic about this, and were generally afraid of hitting them in their hands, but changes are happening quietly.

In February of this year, the reporter visited the two second-hand car markets in Chengdu – Omnicom Second-hand Car Trading Market and Jinhe Automobile Commercial Center, but it was difficult to see new energy second-hand cars. In the Omnicom used car trading market, which covers an area of ​​200 acres, the reporter only saw one ideal electric car for sale. In the Jinhe Automobile Commercial Center, the reporter only saw one Xiaopeng P7 electric car on display in the store.

Recently, the reporter visited the Omnicom used car trading market and noticed that GAC Aion Aion S, BYD Tang, Tesla Model 3, Roewe RX5, Dongfeng Scenery 580, BYD Han, Changan Auchan A600EV, GAC Trumpchi GS4, Nezha Automobile N01, Hanteng Automobile X7, Changan Eado ET, WM Motor EX5 and other new energy models that were first licensed from 2017 to 2022 can be seen in the used car market.

It can be seen that in the second-hand car market, both the number of new energy used cars and the number of new energy brands have increased significantly compared with the previous ones.

“Really good electric vehicles have only entered the market in 2020. Now the technology of electric vehicles has become more and more mature, and many electric vehicles can reach a battery life of more than 500KM. Second-hand new energy vehicles have gradually become better, and the turnover will be accelerated later. Because some new energy models need to queue up to pick up the car, the price of these new energy used cars is even higher than the original price of the new car.” Zhou Jun told reporters that he is currently collecting a large number of households within 5 months, the price is less than 125,000 yuan, Non-operating new energy used vehicles with a range of more than 400 kilometers.

A number of used car dealers told reporters that with the rise of new energy vehicle sales, brand influence and value preservation rate, consumers’ acceptance of new energy used cars is also gradually increasing.

The reporter noticed that the “September 2022 Second-hand Car Online Auction Data Report” recently released by China’s second-hand car auction platform, Tiantian Pai Car Research Institute, shows that in September 2022, the online source and online transaction volume of new energy second-hand cars Year-on-year growth of 56% and 65% respectively.

According to the analysis of Tiantian Paiche Research Institute, in September, the steady growth of online vehicle sources of new energy used cars was due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the rapid growth in the number of ownership; The online distribution and circulation of new energy used vehicles have obvious effects and effects, which also promotes the consumption and development of the new energy vehicle industry.

The reason why the online transaction volume of new energy used cars increased by more than 60% year-on-year in September is that the rapid development of new energy vehicles, coupled with the boost of policies, superimposed the influence of oil prices and the new car market, new energy used cars have become consumers trying to use new energy vehicles of choice.

Although the number of new energy vehicles in the used car market is still relatively limited compared to the volume of the used car market for fuel vehicles, Tiantian Paiche Research Institute said: “With the continuous increase in the number of new energy vehicles and the improvement of supporting facilities, The new energy used car market will gradually heat up.”

A used car dealer told reporters that he used to be a fuel used car dealer, but since last year, he has specialized in new energy used car business. “Now electric used cars are selling fast, but we will consider some fuel vehicles when we collect them. For example, many BYD electric vehicles are not in stock and only waiting. We have a BYD Qin gasoline-electric hybrid model in our store, 4S store. It will take at least three months. Combining various factors, consumers’ acceptance of new energy used cars has improved, and now used car dealers are more and more confident in new energy vehicles. “

Second-hand car transaction volume will further increase in the fourth quarter

The reporter learned from field visits and interviews that for many second-hand car dealers, the second-hand car business this year has experienced great challenges. A used car dealer told reporters bluntly: “On the whole, this year’s used car business is 2 to 3 times more difficult than last year, but fortunately the market has picked up momentum in August and September, and it is expected that the used car market in the second half of the year will be better than last year. half a year.”

“Since this year, due to the multi-point spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, changes in the international situation and other factors, the downward pressure on my country’s auto market has further increased and exceeded expectations, especially in the used car field, where demand has contracted, supply has been impacted, and expectations have weakened. The triple test is particularly prominent. However, with the support of favorable policies and the efforts of mutual assistance and self-help in the industry, the used car market has stabilized and rebounded in the second half of the year. With the implementation of policies and measures, the second-hand car market will usher in a faster growth performance in the fourth quarter.” Recently, Xiao Zhengsan, vice president and secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said at the 2022 China Used Car Conference.

The reporter noticed that data released by the China Automobile Dealers Association showed that in September 2022, the national second-hand car market transaction volume was 1.4852 million vehicles, the transaction volume increased by 1.2% month-on-month and decreased by 5.72% year-on-year, and the transaction amount was 96.695 billion yuan. From January to September 2022, the cumulative transaction volume of used cars was 11.9812 million, a year-on-year decrease of 7.6% and a decrease of 986,000 compared with the same period, with a cumulative transaction value of 814.19 billion yuan.

At the same time, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of September 2022, there were 315 million cars in the country and 15.35 million car transfer registrations. The ratio reached 1:1.13, which was significantly higher than 1:1.24 in the same period last year. Judging from the licensing data, the national second-hand car market was hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic in the first three quarters, and the market has gradually improved recently. Therefore, for the second-hand car market in October, it is expected that the growth of the new car market will promote the effective increase in the replacement rate of second-hand cars, and more high-quality car sources will flood into the market. will be better than before.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the latest statistics released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, my country’s second-hand cars started well in October, with 7 days of effective working days from October 8 to 16, and the average daily transaction volume was 63,200 vehicles, which was the same as the 9th. The fourth week of the month (September 26 to October 2) increased by 5.17%. From the perspective of weekly performance, since the third week of September (September 19 to September 25), the market has gradually stepped out of the downturn and entered an upward channel.

According to the China Automobile Dealers Association, the transaction scale of the used car market has been on the rise since April, and the decline has narrowed month by month. With the implementation of policies such as the comprehensive cancellation of used car relocation restrictions, the national second-hand car transaction volume is expected to jump to 20 million this year.

“Considering various factors, it is expected that the second-hand car market in 2022 may be better than in 2021.” Su Hui told reporters in an interview.

“Since August 1 this year, the nationwide removal of restrictions on the entry of small non-operating second-hand cars that meet the National V emission standards, and the implementation of the policy to determine the product attributes of second-hand cars since October has greatly promoted second-hand cars. Free circulation and cross-regional operation of enterprises. For used car dealers, the new policy has opened up the blocking point of the national circulation of used cars. The increase in the number of vehicles has also reduced the cost of acquisition and increased the choice of car purchases for consumers. The car transaction volume will further increase. In terms of price, the used car industry is in the stage of accelerating inventory clearance at the end of the year, and the overall car price of used cars will continue to decline in the fourth quarter. With the implementation of the policy, the used car industry system is gradually improving, and consumer rights can also be improved. Further protection.” The China Automobile Dealers Association said.

Industry insiders predict that the complete cancellation of the used car relocation policy, the clarification of used car product attributes, the implementation of commodity endorsement management, and the liberalization of used car business qualifications will bring new development opportunities to the used car market.