New dumbbells explode! Three modes switch in seconds, Hyde three-in-one adjustable dumbbell evaluation

Friends who have followed our channel earlier may know that I am a person who loves fitness very much. But 2022 is really too unfriendly. In the first half of the year, all kinds of homes are at home. In the second half of the year, I can finally go to the gym. As a result, the gym runs away! So I thought: Why don’t I exercise at home in the future! Of course, self-weight is definitely not enough for me, so I need to choose a suitable set of equipment to build a small home gym.

In fact, I had a set of dumbbells at home before, which is a very traditional two-in-one dumbbell. After removing the dumbbell plate, the two dumbbell bars can be combined together to form a barbell bar.

This time, the new set I bought is Hyde’s three-in-one adjustable dumbbells. Here is a simple comparison to tell you why I like the new and hate the old.

First of all, these two dumbbells are very good in terms of exercise experience, and their differences are mainly in the switching of weights and modes.

When changing the weight of this traditional dumbbell, you need to unscrew the buckle first, go to a pile of dumbbell plates to find a suitable weight, then add the dumbbell plates, and then screw the buckle back. It takes at least 1 minute to complete this process.

Let’s take a look at how Hyde’s adjustable dumbbells operate. It has a digital sign on the base, and the handle can be rotated. Which number is turned to represent how many kilograms the current dumbbell is.

It can be used directly by picking it up, and the whole process takes at most 5 seconds.

And the bells are fastened tightly and securely.

Adjustment is also smooth and effortless.

For example, when practicing biceps, I tried it with 10Kg first, and it felt a little light. Then I went to the pile of dumbbells to find 5Kg and added it to it. I was tired of the old effort and unscrewed the buckle and put it back on. It turned out that 15Kg was too heavy, so I had to remove it all and try it with 2.5Kg. By the time I finish this set, my muscles are cold.

The advantage of Hyde is that its 12 weight gears can be switched in seconds. If it feels heavy, twist it clockwise, and if it feels light, twist it counterclockwise. The gear switching counterweight is light and thin, which is very friendly to fitness novices. Friends who exercise regularly must understand that the rhythm of exercise is very important.

As mentioned earlier, this old-fashioned 2-in-1 dumbbell can be switched to barbell mode, which is another reason why I ditch it. Its barbell connecting rod is connected by this thread and has a length of 20cm.

With it installed, I was exhausted, which was more tiring than working out. The barbell bar is finally assembled, and then take a closer look, the dumbbell plates at both ends have not been installed…

As for my new set of Hyde, it can also be switched to barbell mode. First, you need to remove the handle of the dumbbell, and then add two connecting rods.

Its connection is very simple, just insert it directly, and then fix it with a pin. Don’t worry about safety issues, the card slot is also designed to prevent falling off.

After the barbell bar is assembled, it is directly put back on the base. It is still the same as before. If you want more weight, you can directly rotate the handle to achieve it. It is still 12 gears.

It has three circles of numbers on the number plate, the first circle is a barbell, the second circle is a dumbbell, and the third circle is a kettlebell.

Alas, you read that right, it can also switch to kettlebell mode, three modes in one set, something that traditional old-fashioned dumbbells can’t do.

Since the arrival of Hyde, this old-fashioned dumbbell has been abandoned by me. Next, I will talk about my experience of using this Hyde 3-in-1.

First of all, its bells are made of high-strength pure steel, and pure steel dumbbells do not need to be explained, even a bit extravagant.

The workmanship and materials of the dumbbells are very particular, and there is no odor. The minimum can be adjusted to 1Kg, and the maximum can be adjusted to 18Kg. Except for some senior bodybuilders, this weight is enough for ordinary people. Especially some small muscle groups can achieve good stimulation.

Switching to barbells can be used to work large muscle groups, and the length and feel of the bar are good. One thing to say, the weight of this barbell is a little light for me. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to add an elastic band, and the effect will be better.

As for kettlebells, I personally use them less, occasionally doing rowing, and holding them in a more comfortable position than dumbbells.

But this set of equipment can’t be used by one person at home. If everyone is married, the wife can also use kettlebells to do squats and practice buttocks.

This set of Hyde 3-in-1 has a wide coverage. If combined with auxiliary aids such as elastic bands, it can achieve more than 80% of the effect of the gym. Its dumbbells are about the same size as regular dumbbells, but they save space when they are stored, so they can be placed in any corner.

This kind of adjustable dumbbell is more about the precision of abrasive tools. If you have a demand, it is recommended to give priority to big brands, such as this Hyde. All kinds of safety designs are in place, and it is covered by Pacific Insurance Company. It will also be more secure to use.

What kind of group is this adjustable dumbbell more suitable for? In fact, as long as conditions permit, we recommend that everyone can buy a set at home. For fitness enthusiasts, if there is no way to go to the gym due to overtime or other reasons, or if you unfortunately encounter home isolation, this adjustable dumbbell can be an emergency. For other friends, it is always necessary to keep exercising. It is a very happy thing to take time to exercise with family members every week to improve physical fitness.