New card products have been launched overseas with remarkable achievements, and YOOZOO’s “global card +” strategy has achieved initial results

On the afternoon of October 27th, YOOZOO held a one-week celebration feast for the new card brand “Crimson God Covenant” of its teenage studio. This product is also the first self-developed and self-developed product since the implementation of YOOZOO’s “Global Card +” strategy. ‘s new product.

After its official launch in Japan and Southeast Asia on October 20, “Scarlet God Covenant” has performed well, and currently ranks TOP7 in the Japanese App Store best-selling list, setting a new record for Youzu’s best-selling list in Japan; it has also entered the App Store in Thailand and Singapore. Top 4 best-selling list, showing strong growth trend in various regional markets. At the same time, the product has dominated the top 1 free list on both App Store and Google Play platforms in Japan for many days.

“Scarlet God Covenant” firmly ranks in the top ten best-sellers on the App Store in many countries

The R&D strength highlights the first attempt of the “global theme” for the juvenile studio and it was a success  

As the research and development department of “Scarlet God Covenant”, Youzu Junior Studio has rich experience in the research and development of card-based mobile games, especially in the themes of “Three Kingdoms” and “Journey to the West” of traditional Chinese culture. A number of Youzu’s benchmark products, such as “Youth Three Kingdoms”, “Youth Journey to the West” and “Youth Three Kingdoms 2”, have been well received by the industry and players for their superb production quality, smooth game experience and unique cultural atmosphere.

“Junior Three Kingdoms” was launched in 2015. It successfully exceeded 100 million yuan within 20 days of its launch, ranking third on the App Store best-seller list. The monthly turnover has been maintained at around 100 million yuan for a long time, and it will occupy Apple and Android for a long time in the following year. The app is at the top of the best-selling list, and the game has been operating for nearly 8 years and still maintains good results. “Youth Three Kingdoms 2” was launched in 2019. On the first day of its launch, it achieved the No. 1 free ranking in the App Store and No. 5 in the best-selling games list. Within two months of its launch, there were nearly 10 million registered users and a peak monthly turnover of over 300 million yuan. .

Surprisingly, the team jumped out of the “traditional cultural IP” field for the first time to test the theme of globalization, and achieved more breakthrough results, once again proving its research and development strength with works.

According to the game daily, “Crimson God Covenant” was positioned as a high-quality card game with a global perspective in the early stage of development. With vertical drawing, smooth development and push map, and refreshing combat experience as the core, a large number of high-quality Live2D have been created, which brings more fun for players to enjoy an immersive experience in all aspects of vision and hearing.

In addition to the accumulation of Juvenile Studio itself in the field of cards, the success of this product is also due to Youzu’s 13 years of insisting on independent research and development and innovation, and constantly increasing investment in research and development.

Youzu has a complete project review process and management system, covering all links from project initiation to launch, and provides professional support and solutions for products at all stages of product development with professional and standardized management. A few days ago, Youzu also appointed a R&D review committee for the new year, covering professional channels such as planning, art, and technology, and is committed to creating a higher level of game products in the future. In addition, since the company implemented the values ​​of “Dare, Truth and Refinement”, it has gradually formed a working atmosphere of respecting professionalism and excellence in business, which has helped the process of product quality research and development.

Continue to strengthen global distribution capabilities and develop overseas markets “according to local conditions”

As a company that has been exploring the direction of globalization for nearly 10 years, Youzu continues to promote the “Global Card +” strategy, accelerates the integration of advantageous resources at home and abroad through a mature and professional global distribution system and efficient play, and actively explores innovative operation methods. Adjust the distribution strategy and method according to the culture and cognition of different markets, deeply cultivate the local market, and continue to promote high-quality games with a global perspective to develop key overseas markets.

“Scarlet God Covenant” is distributed globally by the RED distribution studio of Youzu’s Global Distribution Center. The studio is a team that distributes high-quality games for the global market. Previously, it has successfully released “Saint Seiya Awakening: Ten” overseas. Many popular products such as Ninomiya Knight” have achieved the monthly turnover of several products in a single area exceeding 10 million US dollars, and the team is full of vitality and innovative spirit.

When this product was released, Youzu adopted the strategy of “adapting measures to local conditions”, customized distribution work for different markets, and planned differentiated game content and promotion materials according to the characteristics of local users, so as to better acquire and retain local players. . Before the official launch in October, “Scarlet God Covenant” attracted widespread attention, and the number of pre-registrations exceeded 1 million.

Also in October, “Time Raiders” (domestic name “New Tomb Raiders Notes”), which was authored by the genuine IP of Nanpai Sanshu, self-developed and published by Youzu Network, was exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia through localization and optimization, and won a total of App Store awards. 37 recommendations on app store homepages and 101 app store genre pages, Google Play new travel recommendations in 43 countries and regions, and AppGallery recommendations in the Asia Pacific distribution region.

In addition to continuously launching new products, Youzu is also continuously optimizing existing products and innovating operation strategies to stimulate product vitality. “Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac”, released by YOOZOO’s overseas agency, actively explores the road to e-sports for card games. In October, the “Gamil Galaxy Championship 2022” was successfully held, with a total viewing volume of 2.87 million. A series of e-sports events have attracted the attention and participation of many users, and are well received by the majority of players. They have made solid contributions to maintaining player activity and enhancing the exposure of the entire network.

“Crimson God Covenant” succeeded in the first battle of the “Global Card +” strategy, which to a certain extent confirmed that focusing on advantageous tracks and concentrating advantageous resources to build track barriers is an effective strategy under the trend of industry refinement.

Under this strategy, Youzu will launch two new self-developed new games in the near future: the innovative placement card “Codename: IW” will be launched in Europe, America and Southeast Asia soon; the SLG mobile game “War and Eternity” has recently won the The domestic game version number is planned to be launched in mainland China in the future. More than ten new products are expected to be released in the next two years, including the 3D card game “Code: Walker”, the card + SLG game “Code: G”, the turn-based card game “Shan Hai Jing Hua Reborn”, Place the card game “Code: N3”, the card + action game “Code: T3”, the shooting PVE game “Code: Dawn”, the card + SLG game “Code: STAR”, the card + SLG game “Code: T3″ Planes”, ACT card game “Code: U”, etc.

With the launch of blockbuster masterpieces and the long-term refined operation of different regional markets, the new growth period of Youzu has gradually begun. The long-life-cycle stock products represented by the “Juvenile” series still maintain stable operation and strong profitability, and have built a more stable fundamental.